Musician, TV presenter, actress and fashion mogul Nandi Madida revealed that she wants to do a boob job. She was speaking with Gareth Cliff on CliffCentral. 

Nandi, who is without a doubt one of the most talent women in South Africa, told Gareth Cliff in an interview that although she would have never thought of it before having a child, she might consider having a boob job because after having her son Shaka her “boobs will never be the same.”

Nandi is also thankful for not having gained any baby weight though, and credits her maintained weight to her choice of not drinking alcohol.

Speaking of buying her son a piece of land, Nandi said she’s always wanted to buy Shaka a piece of land. “I’ve always wanted to buy my child a piece of land, but why I did that – when he was one – was because there was a great piece of land that has water. ”

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“It was important for him to understand that property’s important – this is the land of his ancestors too – but also to understand how important it is to have such an asset. There’s something about rural life; in farming you have to wake up at 3am [to] ensure that everything is functioning. It’s hard work,” she said.

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