We all use WhatsApp including South African celebrities. Some celebrities own businesses and we have good news for them. Last year, WhatsApp launched “the WhatsApp Businnes App” aimed at businesses.

Today, the service has five million users. Faced with this good result, new features for SMEs will appear on the web version.

WhatsApp is a service that has been a hit for a while now. Faced with this growing success, the company decided to diversify last year by offering a specific service for businesses. This service has the great advantage of being monetized, unlike the mainstream version.

New this year on WhatsApp Business

It is in this timely context that WhatsApp Business has been designed. It is a tool for professionals. The target device especially SMEs. The will is to offer them a tool that allows better management of the customer relationship on WhatsApp.

Concretely, this gives the possibility to companies to be able to give some information on some specific topics directly on their WhatsApp Business accounts. The advantage of the application is that it allows to propose answers quickly, and structure discussions using labels and colours.

WhatsApp Business: business-specific features on the web version

To get an idea of ​​what the WhatsApp for Professionals tool looks like, we can refer to the Facebook page manager. The tool has rather convinced, since it is currently used by five million professionals. Good news for these, the service will be enriched by new features on the web version.

A statement said: ” To celebrate the first year of WhatsApp Business, we are announcing that some of our most popular features can now be used on the web and on the desktop .” This will include quick responses, with the proposed predefined answers.

There will also be novelties on the side of labels and filters, to classify customers according to their particular issues. The fact that these features arrive on PC and they are no longer reserved for the mobile application should greatly facilitate the task of SMEs. Note that there is also a specific API for large companies.

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