Just when you thought all secrets are buried, Nkanyiso Mchunu enters our World. The South African talented Actor, Nkanyiso is set to join the all-star cast of IMBEWU from Tuesday the 16th of April.

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Mchunu has recently bagged a role in this fast growing daily drama as Nkululeko, a troubled and mysterious stranger, on the run from his dangerous past life, which he wants to keep hidden. After saving Ngcolosi and MaZulu from a Hijacking, post Zakithi’s Umemulo. Nukululeko incites an intrigue in Ngcolosi, who then employs him at Maluju as head of security; replacing Phunyuka’s position.

Nkululeko and Ngcolosi form a strong friendship. Ngcolosi finds a protector in Nkululeko after the betrayal of Phunyuka; and for Nkululeko, he finds in Ngcolosi a role model and a father figure he never had.

“Joining Imbewu for me has been one of the biggest highlights of my career. I knew I gotten a role of Nkululeko back in 2017 , but I had to wait for 12 months while the writing team was busy developing the character, which gave me the opportunity to study other characters. Joining the show growing daily drama series is overwhelming and working with all the talent that Imbewu has to offer is just a dream come true”, says Mchunu.

Will his journey lead him to shocking revelations?

Catch Nkanyiso Mchunu from Friday the 16th of April at 21:30pm on the daily Drama on etv DSTV channel 1947 and Openview Channel 104.

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