Dancer and choreographer Nkateko Maswanganye, known as Takkies, shared a video on Instagram warning fans about someone pretending to be her: “I’ve been hacked please don’t send any money to anyone asking and pretending to be me.”

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In a video clip posted on Instagram, Nkateko said that her WhatsApp account had been hacked and the hackers were demanding money from her contacts.

“Someone stole my Whatsapp number and now they’re asking people for money. Guys, it is not me. I would not ask anyone for money,” she explained.

Takkies whatsapp hacked

The star also shared a screengrab of a text someone had received from the scammers. “Can you please e-wallet someone (3000) I exceeded my daily limit I will send it back tomorrow morning first thing in the morning,” the screenshot reads.

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