European Skiing Holiday

What to Pack for Your Children for a European Skiing Holiday

Skiing is a fantastic experience for the whole family to enjoy, with the variety of slopes, great mix of kids clubs and the fantastic entertainment on offer in mountain resorts across Europe making it the perfect holiday choice for people both young and old. If you are thinking about taking your family on a trip to the mountains for the first time this winter, here are a few things you should think about packing to ensure a trouble-free ski chalet holiday in Courchevel or any other European hotspots.

Kit them out with the right gear

Skiing is nothing like your traditional summer holiday and if you don’t pack the appropriate equipment it’s likely that the family will suffer during a trip to the slopes of Europe. On the top half, make sure each of your children has a waterproof ski jacket, plus another layer for them to wear underneath to retain warmth. For their legs you should get some salopettes – waterproof trousers with tight ankle cuffs and straps to go around their shoulders. Specialist ski gloves will also be needed to help keep hands warm; it’s recommended to pack two pairs of gloves per child just in case one pair gets wet.

Do not underestimate the importance of ski socks

Aside from the skis and ski boots, ski socks are incredibly important and not packing them could result in your feet getting very cold. As a general rule, you should pack around five pairs of ski socks per child. If you’re staying in one of the ski chalets in La Plagne, Morzine or other European resorts, you can expect the temperatures to drop well below -20° so staying warm is an absolute necessity.

Don’t forget your goggles

Eye protection is completely necessary for the slopes, particularly as the sun beaming down on the snow can seriously damage the naked eye. It’s for this reason that packing ski goggles is completely essential – especially on a clear day. Goggles are the unbeatable choice in snowfall and also offer good protection for the face should your children fall over. While on the subject of the face and head, a decent bobble hat will help keep the cold off their head and snow out of their hair should they fall.

Get a helmet

European ski resorts can offer danger at every corner and while most are organised and planned to alleviate the risks, there are some that remain. Because you obviously wouldn’t want anything to happen to your children, it’s recommended that you pack a helmet just in case they fall while on the piste. Rules on helmets have become stricter than ever in recent years, with some resorts now considering making them compulsory for all users of the mountain.

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