Ever since Trevor Noah revealed that his ‘Born A Crime‘ book was adapted into a movie, people have speculated on who should play him in his movie. Scandal actor’s name Brighton Ngoma emerged more than any other name.

Speaking to TshisaLIVE, Brighton said he was humbled by the suggestion and it would be an honour to play the role of Trevor Noah in an upcoming movie about his life.

“We quite similar‚ apparently – the jury is still out on that one‚” he said with a laugh.

“On a serious note‚ it would be a fantastic honour to play someone like Trevor Noah. He has done amazing things and has been a pioneer in our entertainment industry. He’s done great things for South Africans and young black Africans,” – he said.

Brighton Ngoma said he was amused by the suggestion but would only start taking it seriously when agents started calling.

“It would be a great privilege but whether or not it is real‚ we will have to see when agents get in touch‚” he said.

However, the star pointed out that he and Trevor shared more than just a passing resemblance.

“Trevor and I almost have the exact same heritage. He has a Xhosa mom and a Swiss dad. I have a Xhosa mom and Swiss dad. We had a similar upbringing‚ I was brought up in Soweto and Hillbrow. It is uncanny and if it had to be a thing it would be very symbolic.”

Hollywood actress Lupita Nyongo will play Trevor’s mother in the film.

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