Team Pineapple Tropika Island of Treasure Curaçao

Physical challenges and social dynamics at play in latest episode of Tropika Island of Treasure Curaçao

It was another nail-biting episode of Tropika Island of Treasure Curaçao this week as the challenges and social aspect of the game both played a part in the final outcome. This week, the teams continued to solidify their bonds as they stepped into the next set of challenges with another Long-Life Ceremony thrown into the mix.

Dunk n’ Dive

#TeamPineapple (Ntando Duma and Siphosethu Colo) found themselves at the top of the scoreboard at the beginning of the episode before the teams embarked on the ‘Dunk n’ Dive’ challenge. The teams needed to work together to retrieve three balls that were hidden underwater in a steel cage. Once all three balls had been retrieved, the teams were required to shoot them into a basketball hoop. The team that got all three balls in first would be the winner.

#TeamCoolRed (Nadia Jaftha and Trevor Lagerwey) were the first team to retrieve the balls and ultimately won the challenge before any of the other teams even retrieved their balls, cementing their place as front-runners in the competition. #TeamPeach (Kay Sibiya and Caldine Wyngaard) came in second with Team Pineapple coming in third place. #TeamTropical (Simphiwe Ngema and Siyasanga Mfenyana) and #TeamMangoPeach (Siphesihle Vazi and Darren Solomon) struggled with the challenge and came in fourth and fifth place respectively.

Caddy Carnage

Where the previous challenge tested the teams’ diving skills, this challenge tested their driving skills. Each team was given a golf cart with a bucket attached to the back of it. Their task was to continue onto the obstacle course spilling as little water as possible out of the bucket. The bucket, however, had holes at the bottom of it meaning each team needed to stop at one of three filling stations across the course to ensure their bucket was topped up. Each cone that was knocked down during the challenge resulted in a five-second penalty while each Tropika bottle knocked down resulted in a ten-second penalty. At the end of the challenge, the teams with the most water remaining in their bucket would be the winner.

After an entertaining race to the finish, Team Tropical bagged fifth place while Team Pineapple ended the race in fourth place. In third place was Team Cool Red, Team Mango Peach in second and Team Peach emerging as the winner of the race.

Tropika Long-Life Ceremony

The second Tropika Long-Life Ceremony took place at the end of the episode where the teams gifted each other with a point. Alliances cemented themselves as Team Cool Red and Team Pineapple exchanged a point while Team Peach received points from Team Mango Peach and Team Tropical, while giving a point to Team Mango Peach. Ultimately, Team Cool Red and Team Peach found themselves tied at the top with 13 points each. After challenging their minds in a puzzle game, Team Peach won themselves a Long-Life Charm which, should they make it to the finale, will give them a 30 second head start. This means that both Team Cool Red and Team Peach each hold a Long-Life Charm.

Tune in next week to see which of the teams get voted out next as the second elimination looms.

Catch Tropika Island of Treasure Curaçao on SABC3 every Tuesday at 19h30 with the repeat every Saturday at 20h00.

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