Quiteria & George, a South African haute couture designer duo is showcasing at Africa Joburg Fashion Week (AJFW) on 06 October at The Melrose Gallery.

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They are among 34 chosen designers from around the world. As a way of telling the story of how the brand has evolved since its inception they have called this line the “METAMORPHOSIS”.

“We dug deep within ourselves to try and lay it all bare for the audience to see,” says George Malelu, co-designer at Quiteria & George. “This line sums up the five years since Quiteria & George was created. As the business evolves, it also matures and morphs into something bigger than just the two of us. We are excepting this change, owning it and sharing our creativity with Africa and the world.”

The inspiration is also shared with the award-winning Méthod Cap Classique, Desiderius Pongrácz 2011 and its own metamorphosis over a five-year creation period. It’s made in the traditional French method of secondary fermentation in the bottle and it takes a mesmerising five years to create the beautiful, light and elegant bubbles.

A blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, hand-picked from two selected vineyard blocks, the Desiderius Pongrácz 2011 displays a brioche-like taste with a rich and complex combination of fresh fruit, almonds and buttery bread.

The graceful bottle design captured the imagination of Quiteria & George and was used as a muse following the partnership agreement between Pongrácz and Quiteria & George. The collaboration between the brands will create a synergy that will have a positive impact in both fashion and the wine industries.

Quiteria Kekana, co-designer at Quiteria & George adds, “This partnership is in line with our strategy and objectives. Moreover, the collection is reflective of all the positive changes taking place. We always strive to tell our story through working with other outstanding brands or as well as with our creative production.

“When we started five years ago, we had no idea of the kind of impact that we would make. We also had no knowledge of running a fashion business and we’ve had many ups and downs along the way – but with challenges comes learning and growth. What is striking to see is that we have the capability to move people through narrating untold stories. With the METAMOPHORSIS – we’ve accepted the change and welcome a new beginning for Quiteria & George. And we hope to someday dominate with no comparison.”

In 2018, the pair have designed for various well-recognised shows including the Miss South Africa pageant, Arise Fashion Week in Nigeria, as well as Dakar Fashion Week by Adama Paris.

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