Kuena Moshoeshoe who hails from Lesotho approached the media after she expressed that she was “tired of being treated like sh*t” by David’s camp after she had to wait for her prizes worth R1 million. David and Kuena were embroiled in a fiasco about her having not yet received her prizes that she won from David Tlale’s The Intern competition which aired on SABC 3.

The prizes included a new Mercedez Benz CLA, R200,000 in cash, studio equipment and a chance to be an assistant designer for David Tlale for one year. Kuena said that there were just too many unnecessary conditions involved when it came to receiving her prizes.

Kuena had to wait for more than two months in order to receive her prizes and to be appointed as David’s assistant designer, which left her very frustrated.

In an interview on Metro FM, David Tlale went on to explain that he could not yet appoint Kuena with the new job title as she did not have a work permit and had no contract.

“No, she can’t receive that because the first basis is you have to be an assistant designer to David Tlale for a year. The car is there, that’s not going away. It’s not going to be released until Kuena has a work permit…and also Kuena wants us, as a brand, to register the car in in her uncle’s name, which is not right and cannot be done that way.” Said Tlale in the interview.

In a statement released by the SABC, the broadcasting corporation confirmed that Kuena’s prizes would be given to her in due time.

The statement read:

“SABC 3 has noted the reported dispute between David Tlale and the winner of The Intern, Kuena Moshoeshoe. We have since made interventions between the two parties in an attempt to find a workable solution on the matter. Currently, the situation is still under continuous discussions between the winner and David Tlale with the Channel as the mediator.

The SABC will ensure that the delivery of prizes to the winner will be honoured within the contractual stipulated time frame.”

Source: Zalebs

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