South African actress, filmmaker and television presenter, Salamina Mosese, is heartbroken after finding out that her film was pirated and sold on the streets.

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According to various sources, Salamina, who has more than 18 years experience in the TV industry, has been dominating both the small and big screens in South Africa. According to Briefly, her success in the money is being halted due to some people snatching that away from her as well as other actors and actresses too.

As explained by, movie piracy is the act of selling, acquiring, or distributing copyrighted films. This includes downloading films on a file sharing network.

Taking to Twitter to express her sadness and disappointment after finding pirated copies of her movie being sold on the streets, she encouraged movie fans not to buy pirated movies.

“Pirated copies of our film on the streets???!! Really!!??? Literally food out of our mouths. Please don’t buy pirated copies of our film guys. Please. I cant even. Wow (sic),” – Salamina Mosese wrote on Twitter.

While some people felt her pain, some said they buy pirated films because they cannot afford original.

“It’s Soo sad but over 50% of the people are unemployed and they also wana watch the movies , where should they go ? To the cinemas ? Those copies are actually putting a food out on most of those unemployed people’s mouth . M not condoning I’m just balancing the equation (sic),” – one Twitter user responded to Mosese’s tweet.

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