Former YO-TV presenter Sipho Ngwenya better known as Psyfo and his girlfriend Aamirah celebrate Valentine’s Day in Bali, Indonesia.

Music producer Psyfo has shared pictures with his bae, captioning one post with a heartfelt message on Instagram.

“I was playing golf, the most calming thing you can ever do and then you get that feeling, that anxiety, I knew it then something is wrong. April was not nice but now I know why he led me here. I was forced to jump and even though I was scared of the landing I went… now I know!!!” he wrote.

Psyfo dated Hulisani Ravele for over 10 years and were often rumoured to be close to getting married, however‚ fans were shocked last year when the couple split.

Sipho “Psyfo” Ngwenya and his bae Aamirah

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