Entertainer and professional nurse, Nonhlanhla Qwabe aka Skolopad, has been left disappointed after she did not get the necessary approvals to further her studies to become a doctor.

Other than making a success of her music career, Skolopad dreamt of one day being a doctor. However, she needed the hospital she works for to pay for her studies and that is not happening.

“They promised to take me to school this year but they didn’t so I’m not working with all my heart anymore and it’s not nice to work knowing that I’ve conditioned my mind that I’ll be out of the hospital for such a time and it’s not nice cause I don’t want it to affect my patient care,” she told Zalebs in an interview.

Skolopad added that it has a been a bitter pill to swallow because she believed that, when she entered her 40s, she would be a doctor and would be able to better herself.

“I wanted to get a diploma and degree, I had told myself that maybe in ten years I would be getting my PHD in health… in ten years time I had told myself that I would be a doctor… they promised me and I left a lot of opportunities in the entertainment side thinking that I would be in school this year… my heart is broken.”

Meanwhile, Nonhlanhla Qwabe has also previously spoken out about the difficulties of cracking it into the industry and how she sometimes felt like giving up on her dream.

After missing out on many entertainment opportunities, Skolopad says that although heart-broken she is still hopeful after Dr Malinga approached her.

“It’s as good as me starting over now, so when this year Dr Malinga approached me, I felt hopeful, I’m thinking of relocating because the environment of which I work in is not the same as before and my security…so I’m thinking of relocating and getting another job either in Johannesburg or Durban”

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