Local entertainer Skolopad has opened up about becoming the second wife. This comes after her Swati businessman boyfriend asked her to be his second wife.

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Skolopad and her boyfriend have only been dating for six months. While most people tend to stay away from polygamy, Skolopad welcomes it and has been very vocal about the fact that she never wanted to be a proper wife.

“Like I said, he saw me as Nonhlanhla not as Skolopad. In fact, he was surprised when he eventually found out about Skolopad but he said he loved my personality and was not willing to let me go. I really haven’t said much about our love because I was afraid I would ruin it if I announced it.


“I feel like I’m really happy and the less people know the more happiness I’ll have but of course I also won’t hide my happiness. I love that he’s a businessman and not in the entertainment space, it gives me peace of mind,” – Skolopad told TshisaLIVE. 

Nonhlanhla Qwabe further told the publication that her fiancé was so surprised when he finally realised he asked her: “Hao? Are you a singer?’ I said yes I am but that’s not all that I am’. I enjoy his company and he enjoys mine. The ring I am wearing simply means he plans on paying lobola and properly adding me to his family. I am yet to meet the first wife but I’m sure we’ll get along and even if he wants to take number three, four and five, I’ll be okay. This is what I’ve always wanted.”

Image Courtesy: twitter.com/queenskolopad

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