Socialite and businesswoman Nonhle Jali shared an emotional Instagram post after she bought her 18-year-old daughter a brand new car as a post-matric gift.

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The mother of four, who is married to a South African soccer star Andile Jali, shares four children with him. Taking to Instagram, Nonhle Jali revealed that she bought her first-born a car just a few months before she turns 18.

Jali said it had always been her dream to give her daughter a good start for her life after high school.

“Those closest to me know the story behind this and what it meant for me to do this for my daughter without involving the bank despite the hurdles along the way. My dream has always been to give you a decent start after your matric year. This came sooner than I expected and I’m grateful to God for opening so many doors for me last year (sic),” – she wrote on Instagram

Nonhle also shared that her biggest achievement for last year, was to be debt free and she bought the car without involving banks. Her daughter Aurèlie also owns a property.

“My biggest achievement last year was to be debt free. It took discipline, commitment and resisting temptation. It took starving the destruction and outside noise to listen to my own voice and feed the focus. Congratulations Aurèlie, as you are 2 months away from 18 years…

You are are a property owner and a car owner and it’s debt free!! This is a mother’s dream realized. A mother that refuses to be defined by seasons of darkness, but paradoxically it is the very darkness that inspires light to come in! (sic),” – Nonhle Jali wrote

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