Most people in South Africa struggle when it comes to selling their used cars. Some don’t even know where to start, while some people end up not getting their best selling price.

Selling a used car in South Africa is very simply. Simply call professionals car dealers such as,, or just to name a few. Quickly make an appointment with one of the mentioned websites. They will have your vehicle inspected and they will make you an offer of recovery!

We have no affiliation or any business with the above mentioned car websites, but based on our research, we found that they make things simply. You benefit from their fast and efficient services.

This article teaches all South Africans to learn how to sell your car without technical control, discover without waiting someones services 100% free and without commitment.

How to sell car tips:

Sell your pre-owned car with the best car dealers in South Africa

The above mentioned websites will help you sell your car fast. You do it yourself online. You manage the whole selling process and reach more than 3 million potential buyers. But don’t sell a broken. Make sure that your car engine is still in good condition. Headlights are not permanently extinguished. As we said before, contact one of these guys and they will come and inspect your car.

Car Transfer

Most car dealers in the country take care of all the formalities related to the transfer of your used vehicle. In other words, they handle all administrative procedures. This gives you a peace of mind and gives you enough time to think what you will do with the money.

How to sell your car to a private buyer?

Be careful if you decide that you want to sell your used to an individual buyer through classified ads. Not to mention the constant phone calls and visits at undue hours, cars for sale out of order can bring you problems. Indeed, selling a broken used car involves a lot of constraints because you have to distinguish between serious proposals and suspicious offers.

Remember, sometimes to transfer your vehicle registration or ownership gives people a hassle. Some people end up robbing you and don’t want to give you the papers.

Benefits of selling your car to a professional dealer

You can count on:

  • A free inspection of your vehicle in our nearest agency
  • An evaluation of its residual value
  • A takeover offer at its market value
  • Taking charge of administrative procedures
  • An immediate cash flow

Do you want to sell our car? Professional car dealerships are waiting for your call. All car brands and models are taken back without age or mileage restriction. Be faster than depreciation and sell your car as soon as possible!

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