Top 15 Best King Monada Songs – King Monada is best known for releasing hits in South Africa. Remember Ska Bhora Moreki and Malwedhe? A quick search ‘King Monada Songs’ on Google will give you a summary of all his best songs.

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King Monada, whose real name is Steven Kgatla, is a South African singer, producer and song writer. His song ‘Malwede’, which attracted a lot of Idibala challenges in the country and across Africa, won the song of the year. His hit single ‘Malwede’ also topped the South African list for 3 months.

In 2017, King Monada’s songs were dominating and are still relevant to this day. He walked away with many awards in 2017 with his hit songs Chiwana and Wa Nnyaka. He also got to much recognition from his South African fans, that’s why he ended up creating music video for Wa Nnyaka which was featured on Channel O and Trace TV.

King Monada is without a doubt one of the most popular and loved artists coming from Limpopo. We have decided to compile a list of King Monada best songs which you can enjoy.

Top 15 Best King Monada Songs

  1. King Monada – Malwedhe
  2. King Monada – Missed Call
  3. King Monada – Personal
  4. King Monada – Ska Bhora Moreki
  5. King Monada – Makarate
  6. King Monada – Sekorokoro
  7. King Monada – Taba Txaka Ke Txaka
  8. King Monada – Kea Dura
  9. King Monada – Matome
  10. King Monada – Bakhalabje Le Bakhegulu
  11. King Monada – Ngaala
  12. King Monada – Ake Hlaliwi
  13. King Monada – Makhi Ke Khamera
  14. King Monada – Molobedu
  15. King Monada – Eba Strong

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