Christmas Catering Tips

Our Top 9 Christmas Catering Tips

Christmas is not very far away, and if you wish to have a successful Christmas dinner party, it is time to start planning now. Whether a formal Christmas cocktail party or just a quiet dinner with family and close friends, celebrations and get-togethers make the Christmas holidays worthwhile. But make no mistake they’re also a lot of work, which is why it is essential to put a lot of thought and planning into your event-

Pre-Planning Tips

Get some help from the professionals
Catering for a Christmas party is quite a challenging undertaking; you could consider hiring a professional catering company to help alleviate the stress involved in food preparation. If you simply cannot allow somebody else to cook your Christmas turkey, then an alternative option would be to hire, bar and waitron staff, to help with the serving of your food and drinks, therefore giving you more quality time to socialise with your guests

Get some help from the celebrities
Whether it’s Jamie, Nigella or Julia, celebrity chef cookbooks are fantastic for inspiring the chef in you, just remember if you are trying something new, make sure to practice the recipe a few times before the event to prevent a kitchen fiasco on the night of your function, you don’t want to be phoning in for pizza on Christmas Eve

Get a head start
Rather than running around the kitchen like a headless turkey on the morning of your event, save your sanity by choosing recipes that can be prepared in advance.

Try to complete as many tasks as possible during the days leading up to the party. Setting the table the day before can save you much needed time and unnecessary stress.

When in doubt, delegate
Your family and friends won’t mind rolling up their sleeves to create a delicious fruit punch or custard trifle to accompany the Christmas meal. If there are any teenagers on the guest list, you could assign them the jobs, of either, cleaning up, clearing up or topping up.

Santa helps those who help themselves
If you are not in a position to hire service staff for your function, then the best way to avoid unnecessary trips, to and from the kitchen, is to display your food and drinks in a buffet manner, so that your guests can help themselves. This option is definitely a more social one, as guests get to mingle around the buffet table while selecting there food items and it also limits the awkwardness associated with having to ask their host for a top-up or second helping.

Cater for all types
Vegetarians, people with allergies or health conditions all need to be considered when catering for the Christmas menu.

Offer a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for the designated drivers and others who prefer not to drink

Décor Tips

Deck the halls
How your dining area looks is vital in bringing the warm Christmassy feel and ensuring your guests feel at home whilst dining with you. Keep your décor simple, but sophisticated and most importantly do not forget the crackers!

Candles Galore
Lighting is very important in creating the desired atmosphere. Tea lite candles scattered around the tables, adds beautifully cosy feel to the area. Scented candles are great, but choose fragrances that enhance the aromas of your food, vanilla scented is always a good option.

Christmas Entertainment Tips

Christmas Tree Decorating Party
Ask each person to bring two Christmas ornaments to the party. As the host you should have an ornament for each guest. They will need to write the date on the back as a reminder of the occasion. Everyone puts one of their ornaments on the tree and exchanges the other with another guest. Everyone goes home with two new ornaments (one from you and one exchanged).

Don’t forget the music
Music definitely sets the scene for a festive Christmas atmosphere. There are so many Christmas albums on the market, you don’t have to resort to Elvis or Boney M. There are many contemporary artists who have released Christmas albums at some point. For more of a background entertainment, maybe opt for classical or jazz compilations. If you want to get the party started, then contemporary pop artists such as KT Tunstall or Michael Bublé are very popular.