Join Top Gear team Matt LeBlanc and Chris Harris as they head into the Californian woods to test some amazing off-road toys such as dune buggies, dirt bikes and even personal tanks – and hunt for Big Foot.

Rory Reid invents the sport of reverse camera racing, while Chris puts the new McLaren 720S to the test to see if it’ll match up to its brother, the McLaren P1. Real race transponders were used in order to gain accurate lap times during this segment while the track temperature later in the day rose to a sweltering 37 degrees! All in a day’s work for the Top Gear team, this week they are joined in-studio by guest, comedian Lee Mack.

A few years back, Chris Harris was the first journalist to bring together, on a single racetrack, the three fastest hypercars of the modern era: of McLaren P1, LaFerrari and Porsche 918. That track, specifically, was Portimão, on Portugal’s Algarve coast. The fastest of the trio, in Harris’s annoyingly able mitts, was the McLaren.Now, two years later, Harris is back at Portimão to answer a very interesting question. Just how close can the new McLaren 720S get to its big brother P1 around a racetrack? On paper, it should be an easy win for the P1, which has more than 200 horsepower extra, clever hybrid gubbins, and costs four times as much. But the 720S has a really cool flip-down thingy on its dashboard, which must be good for a half-a second a lap, right? Right? Harris straps on his fastest driving slippers to find out whether the upstart McLaren can get within touching distance of the all conquering P1.

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