Twitter reacted to DJ Zinhle and AKA kissing. The rapper AKA and DJ Zinhle are no longer hiding their affections anymore. The couple proved the whole country that they are definitely back together.

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Taking to Twitter on Monday, AKA thanked his friends and fans who helped him celebrate ‘Touch My Blood’ going double-platinum.

“Thank You for coming out this past weekend,” he captioned a series of pictures from the event. One of the pictures showed AKA kissing DJ Zinhle.

AKA and Zinhle’s fans are excited about this image of them kissing.

“Love conquers all. Zinhle truly adores you,” one Twitter user wrote. Another user wrote: “Kairo Must Be Loving This. Because she got wonderful parents.” A third one wrote: “Love always wins! I am so happy for you AKA. May God bless your relationship. Don’t rush yourselves, take your time to enjoy each other.”

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