Local media personality Bonang Matheba has recently announced that she has a new doccie called ‘Public Figure’ coming soon and will be released worldwide.

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The documentary was filmed by Red Button Films, a New York City based production company. The film also features a couple of social media influences and other famous public figures around the world.

The docie will give audiences a look inside the lives of influencers and the addictive effects that social media has on has on society.

Speaking to The Juice, Matheba said: “It’s a documentary about the pros and cons of social media and the addiction, and how people have either started lives, jobs and new careers on social media, but also the negative impacts that social media has.”


According to The Juice, an official release date has not been made public yet. The movie is set to make its film festival debut in March at the Manchester Film Festival.

“I think as a first-time executive producer for a movie that you’re doing, you’re starring in it and producing, to just go to a film festival is unreal,” she continued.

Watch the Public Figure Film trailer below:

Image Courtesy: instagram.com/bonang_m

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