The African Football Championship

Who to bet on among African teams in 2022?

The African Football Championship remains one of the most exciting sporting events on the continent. Last year, the championship was supposed to be held in Ivory Coast but was postponed due to the pandemic. In 2020, the championship also did not take place in Cameroon, where it was originally planned to be held. At the moment, the cup is planned to be played in January 2022, but under the influence of marketing factors, it was decided to leave its name unchanged.

The African tournament will be attended by footballers from elite European teams. For this reason, there are many reasons to follow this championship. It is not often that players from such teams as Tottenham, Leeds, Newcastle, or Arsenal can be found within the same league. Also worth noting is the participation of players from other well-known European teams, including Ashraf Hakimi of PSG. It’s time to place a bet on the victory of your favorite player and hit a big jackpot using the services of a time-tested bookmaker. System betting explained will also help you increase your performance. A carefully selected outcome will play with a high probability, and the bettor will only have to withdraw money in any convenient way.

How is the African Cup going?

Bets on the African championship follow a straightforward scheme. All teams that take part in the cup are divided into six groups. Each group consists of 4 teams. One match is played between the national teams. According to their results, the two strongest clubs in their group move to the next round. Four more teams are added to them, which are the strongest in third positions in their groups. The most famous footballers in the tournament are Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane. The first will play his opening match on January 11, and Mane will play on January 10.

The composition of the groups is as follows:

  • A: Cameroon squad, Cape Verde squad, Burkina Faso squad, Ethiopia squad.
  • In: Zimbabwe national team, Malawi national team, Guinea national team, Senegal national team.
  • C: national team of Gabon, the national team of Ghana, the national team of Comoros, the national team of Morocco.
  • D: Egypt, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Sudan.
  • E: Algeria squad, Cote d’Ivoire squad, Sierra Leone squad, Equatorial Guinea squad.
  • F: Gambia, Mauritania, Mali, Tunisia.

To understand which teams should be followed in the first place, you should pay attention to the quotes that are set by bookmakers. At the moment, Senegal with his forward Manet remains the leader in their forecasts. On average, the Senegalese winning odds are 5.0, as the team’s line-up looks the most powerful and balanced compared to its rivals.

According to the bookmakers’ forecasts, Algeria is in second place, with the odds of 5.8 being set to win. The team is somewhat inferior to Senegal in the new season, but it must be borne in mind that the national team is the champion at the moment, so it will try to keep its title.

The third place is occupied by Egypt with a coefficient of 8.0. The team has serious potential, although the bookmakers do not believe in it as much as in Algeria or Senegal. The head coach of the team is confident that she will make it to the semifinals. The 4th place in the bookmaker’s rating is occupied by the Ivory Coast national team with a coefficient slightly higher than the Egyptian team. The national team has good offensive players, and the defense is provided thanks to the star Serge Aurier. With such a squad, you can even count on winning the tournament, if the coaching staff chooses the right tactics.

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