South African singer-songwriter, Zahara, whose real name is Bulelwa Mkutukana says she is fully booked until December.

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Despite speaking against her former record label, TS Records, Zahara is still receiving bookings. Zahara claimed that her former record label owes her money. She had accused the company of underpaying her for performances, record sales and royalties.

Speaking to Daily Sun, she said her former record label sabotaged her. Ever since she started dealing directly with her bookings, she was getting a lot of gigs. “I’m booked until December,” she told the publication.

She also claimed that TS Records was not putting her interests first.

“People would call wanting to book me but were told I wasn’t available and the space would be given to other artists.”

The singer has started her own company and was being helped by her cousin, Oyama Dyosiba. “All bookings will come directly to us,” Oyama told Daily Sun.

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