Local entertainer Zodwa Wabantu images – Zodwa Wabantu is without a doubt one of the most controversial South African dancers. She is best known for dancing without any underwear. 

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Zodwa always trends for her explicit photos. Her latest pictures have divided social media opinion again with some people commending her ‘freedom’ while others criticizing her for showing her private part. Wabantu, who recently attended the Eyadini Bloemfontein event, wore short black skirt with a bikini top.

While performing, Wabantu twirled the skirt and her private part was exposed. Her photos were shared on social media. This sparked a debate on social media about body policing. However, most people still love Zodwa Wabantu images and say that they wish they had the same confidence as her.

“I wish I had the freedom to be, just as she is. Her self love and confidence are things I want. I may not ever flaunt in the same way, but I want to be brave enough to know I can. She’s beautiful in so many ways (sic),” – a Twitter user said.

Another user said: “A depiction of a human being who doesn’t conform to any standard and has a beautiful body.”

Let us look at some of Zodwa Wabantu images below:







Image Courtesy: instagram.com/zodwalibram

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