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Tessa Twala opens up about being labelled a ‘yellow bone’

Tessa Twala yellow bone

Swaziland-born actress Tessa Twala has opened up about being labelled as a yellow bone. Tessa, who plays Gugu in Mzansi Magic’s drama ‘Ring Of Lies’, said that being viewed differently because she is a ‘yellow bone’ is as serious as racism or sexism in the acting world.

“I did (experience xenophobia), but I won’t lie, it was subtle because of the way that I look. I admit that it is because I am light skinned. I don’t know why it is that way, because I see it (xenophobia) and I experience it but I don’t think it’s as bad as it is for other people. It’s like, the lighter you are the better you are treated.” – the actress told TshisaLive in an interview.

The actress said that while she can’t change her complexion to avoid its privileges, she valued merit. Tessa described her career as a calling because she didn’t get formal training to act but she took classes and she learnt other things on the job.

“It was a decision I made so that I become better at what God has called me to do. That way I get my gigs on merit” – she added. The actress added that she had no tolerance for any kind of discrimination and wasn’t afraid to call people out.

Source: TshisaLive

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Pearl Thusi and Quinton Vander Burg foundation help fans pay off debts

Pearl Thusi and Quinton Vander Burg foundation

Pearl Thusi has partnered with the Quinton Vander Burg foundation to help a fan and a friend pay off their debts. All you have to do is go on the Quinton van der Burgh foundation website and tell them your story and maybe you could be the chosen one to be assisted financially.

The #ActOfGenerosity initiative is designed to help those drowning in debt and also empower people about financial freedom while teaching them how to be more savvy with money.

“It is my mission to help our people and I am always on the look-out for new ventures that boast great potential, whether it be economical or for the greater good. Our current projects range from building wells in underprivileged areas to development centres, focusing on providing individuals with skills they will need to go out into the workplace” – Quinton Vander Burg.

Watch the video below:

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