Bandile speaks on how Nadia coped during the ‘No-Make-up’ image

Major League’s Bandile Mbere on Nadia Nakai no-make up photo

Major League’s Bandile Mbere says he was there to support his girlfriend Nadia Nakai who recently received social media hate after her no-make up image went viral.

Speaking to Metro FM‘s Mo Flava and Masechaba Ndlovu, Bandile said “she was very upset. I was trying to be there for her all the time. ( I even) skipped work sometimes to be there by her side. (I told her) things are going to be okay. (You know,) go to movies, take her out, make her forget what is going on on Twitter.”

He said he told her not to worry about the hate because it often came from people who were jealous of her.

“I have been through a time when social media also came and attacked me. I always tell her that she mustn’t worry about what people say, at least she is making money. She’s blowing up. She’s doing very well. Her song is doing very well. The attention is on her and people will try to bring her down. Unfortunately, it will be girls because probably those girls’ men are talking about her.”

Nadia broke her silence on the criticism after she saw a “Nadia Nakai no make-up challenge” trend. The rapper said she was not embarrassed by the photo she posted.

“I am human and when I’m spending time with bae, I’m not going to waste time ‘face-beating’ when we are chilling. I go shopping without make-up. I take pics with fans without make-up. Like, that’s my life and I will continue doing that.”

Listen to the interview below:

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