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Wining & Dining with the Steins in the Valley

Charlie_Stein_Grant_Steins in the Valley

The Durbanville Wine Valley in the Western Cape, was a hive of activity recently with 12 of the wine farms in the area playing host to Jack and Charlie Stein, sons of award-winning UK celebrity chef and restaurateur Rick Stein. The Stein brothers were in South Africa shooting scenes for a 13-part TV series called Wine, Dine & Stein.

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Produced by local outfit, Oxyg3n Media, the series has already been pre-sold to the UK, Denmark, Norway and Poland with more countries lining up to acquire the show once complete. It will also be seen in SA later this year on a yet-to-be announced channel on DStv.

Created by JAG Communications’ Grant Bushby and Janine Walker, Wine, Dine & Stein finds the Stein siblings spending a day on each of the 12 wine farms that make up the Durbanville Wine Valley, tasting their wines, sampling (and helping cook) their food and embarking on a series of dares and challenges.

Some of the more interesting activities the “boys” got up to – while not eating and drinking – included paragliding off Hamburger Hill at Meerendal, firing the Big Bertha cannon at Signal Gun, taking part in a wheelbarrow race at Klein Roosboom, rounding up cattle via quadbikes at Groot Phesantekraal and wakeboarding at the Hillcrest quarry.

In addition to the above-mentioned, the other wine farms visited included Altydgedacht, Canto, D’Aria, De Grendel, Diemersdal, Durbanville Hills and Nitida.

Like his father Rick, Jack Stein (38), is an accomplished chef and author and, apart from presenting TV series, also oversees the kitchens of all 14 Rick Stein restaurants. Brother Charlie (34) works for The Vintner wine merchants in London and also helps taste and select all the wine for the family’s restaurants.

Each 24-minute episode of Wine, Dine & Stein will feature one of the 12 wine farms in the Durbanville Wine Valley, with the 13th episode covering other activities of interest in the area including a visit to the Durbanville Distillery to see how rum is made, speeding down the tracks at Cool Runnings, Africa’s first downhill tobogganing track and ending with a final lunch, where the Steins meet up with all their newly made friends at Giggling Gourmet Jenny Morris’ local eatery, Yumcious.
Says Jack Stein of his time in the Western Cape: “I had the most fun I’ve had in ages filming this series and I can’t say enough about the warmth, hospitality and generosity of the people we met, not to mention the amazing food we ate and the brilliant wines we drank.”

Adds Charlie: “What I loved most about filming the series was that each and every wine farm in the valley offers something different from the other. From the small boutique, but utterly charming Klein Roosboom, to the bigger estate that is Durbanville Hills – but which still manages to convey a feeling of family.

“The Durbanville Wine Valley’s proximity to Cape Town and to the beautiful beaches of Bloubergstrand is also a big plus.”

Wine, Dine & Stein is scheduled for broadcast in South Africa later this year.

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Phat Joe and his fiancé Palesa Morgan are expecting their first child

Phat Joe and fiancée Palesa Morgan first child

Television and radio personality, Phat Joe and his model fiancé Palesa Morgan have announced that they are expecting their first child together.

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Taking to Instagram to announce the pregnancy and to also wish his woman a happy Valentine’s Day, he shared a photo of Palesa holding her baby bump.

“Happy Valentines Day to Me! I love you baby… you are an amazing, intelligent & Gorgeous woman! I’m gonna have to put a ban on those sexy outfits for the next few weeks… it’s for the public good… you’ve been causing way too many accidents! (sic),” Phat Joe said.

Joe and Palesa will welcome a little baby girl on, as anticipated by the doctors, the 13th of May 2019.

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Connie and Shona Ferguson distribute over 2000 school shoes in KZN

Shona Ferguson at Iziko Primary School

The journey to distributing school shoes to 20 000 children in need across South Africa is in full swing. The #KrushGoodness project recently saw Connie and Shona Ferguson and the Krush Goodness Krew visiting schools in KZN this week, where over 2000 learners received a brand new pair of Smart Steps school shoes as part of the project.

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Over the past few weeks 12 schools across SA have been visited by the Krush Goodness Krew, including: Connie Ferguson, Zenande Mfenyane, Dineo Ranaka, Lalla Hirayama, Letshego Zulu, Thembi Seete, Ayanda Thabethe, Leanne Manas, Brent “Good Things Guy” Lindeque, Shona Ferguson and Heather Hook. Over 13 000 pairs of school shoes have been distributed so far, with the remaining 7 000 to be distributed over the next few weeks.

According to Stats SA, approximately 70% of learners walk to school every day, many of whom walk barefoot or with damaged shoes. The #KrushGoodness project will make a sustainable difference in the lives of 20 000 learners across South Africa, giving them the confidence to conquer the world one step at a time.

We caught up with Connie Ferguson shortly after her visit to Livangeli Primary School in KZN this week.

What drew you to participate in the #KrushGoodness project?

I’m always keen to get involved in any initiative that makes a positive difference in people’s lives. I have experienced first-hand how something as important and necessary as school shoes can be a luxury when you can’t afford basic living requirements. As a child in standard 3, my brand new shoes were stolen while we were cleaning our classroom. I had to wear my small old shoes for the better part of that year as my parents couldn’t afford to get another new pair. Everything was budgeted to the last cent. So I know that feeling that these children are going to have when they receive their school shoes. I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces.

What were you most looking forward to about visiting Livangeli Primary School?

I was most looking forward to seeing the reactions of the children. 

Are you involved with any other community or CSI initiatives personally?

To date we have been supporting existing programmes. We are in the process of setting up our family foundation, due to launch early in the new year.

Do you remember any celebrities coming to your school when you were a child? What memory sticks out the most for you and why?

I went to school in Botswana and the biggest celebrity there was the president. I remember the excitement when he visited my home town Lobatse to deliver food parcels. It just gives that comforting sense that someone cares. 

What is the one piece of advice you have for young fans of yours?

My advice to my young fans is to know that they are masters of their own destiny. God listens to prayer and sees ones’ heart. Your current situation does not define who you are and who you are meant to be, don’t be afraid to dream big and work very hard towards making those dreams reality.

What does the rest of 2019 hold for you?

2019 for me holds only the best and nothing less. I’m always striving for growth and to be a better version of myself, and I’m open to constant evolution.

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Celebrating love with more than just chocolates and flowers with MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises

For most people, the month of February always brings thoughts of love and romance to the fore. Whether you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day or not, you certainly can’t escape the constant reminders of romance in every shop aisle, store window, and advertisement leading up to the Month of Love.

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But if you are looking for different ways to show your loved one how much they mean to you, and go beyond the one day of chocolate and flower giving, then a romantic holiday for two sometime during the year might just be the perfect idea. And, if you’re looking for a wonderful time away that ticks all the right boxes on the love front, then a cruise vacation is definitely the perfect choice. The allure and magnificence of the ocean makes it synonymous with romance, so what better way to celebrate your relationship than on board a cruise ship?

It’s a date with MSC Cruises!

One of the best things about cruising is that it really does have something for every kind of mood. For couples, a cruise can be like a date in overdrive. If you both need a bit of pampering and R&R, then the spa and quiet areas onboard can cater for this. If you and your partner are looking for a good party, there are themed events, discos and live music. If food is the way to your heart, then cruise ships offer all kinds of cuisine, from early in the morning until late at night. Best of all, most of the events and dining options are included in your cruise fare, so a limited budget won’t ruin the mood.

Idyllic destinations

Whether you opt for a local holiday, or choose to venture further into international waters, all cruises sail to dreamy destinations. Cruise companies also usually offer excursion packages at each place they visit, so there are a variety of ways you can experience each destination, whether you’re looking for something cultural, sporty, or nature-focused. And just think – no time is wasted while you are travelling from place to place, as you can enjoy every single moment doing exactly what you want to, rather than spending precious holiday time in a car or on a plane.

Superb sunrises and scenic sunsets

It might seem like a bit of a cliché, but there really is nothing better than watching the sun rise or set over the ocean, with expansive blue horizons in every direction. Seeing Mother Nature in all her glory tends to bring everything into perspective, even if just for a few minutes, and you are reminded of what – and who – is really important in life. These are perfect moments to share with your partner.

Celebrating special occasions on MSC Cruises

If you have ‘forever’ on your mind, then a cruise is definitely the place to make it happen. Planning a romantic proposal, or having a symbolic wedding ceremony on board, or marking an anniversary can make a special occasion even more memorable. A cruise is also a great way to visit exotic destinations on your honeymoon, or even go on buddymoon with close family and friends.

If you think a cruise will take your love to the next level this Valentine’s Day, then go to to see the local and international cruises they have on offer for 2019 and beyond.

MSC Cruises is the world’s largest privately-owned cruise company and the number one cruise line in Europe, South America, South Africa and the Gulf. A game-changer in the world of cruises, the Company has achieved 800% growth in its first ten years, building a global reputation in the industry and one of the youngest cruise fleets at sea. MSC Cruises is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, and is part of MSC Group, the Swiss-based leading shipping and logistics conglomerate.

The MSC Cruises fleet currently comprises 15 ultra-modern, highly innovative and elegantly designed ships, offering an unparalleled holiday experience with always delicious and authentic food, award-winning entertainment, plenty of relaxation, comfortable accommodation, as well as impeccable service and expertise.

Under its ambitious industry-unprecedented €13.6 billion investment plan, the fleet is set to expand to 29 cruise ships by 2027. To date, MSC Cruises has designed six new highly-innovative ship classes, all prototypes that push the boundaries of marine architecture and design. The Company also recently announced that it will build an additional ultra-luxury class of cruises hips, with yet more ground-breaking options for guest comfort.

MSC Cruises feels a deep responsibility towards the physical and human environments in which it operates and its ships are fitted with the latest environmental features and maritime technology. The Company operates with the greatest respect for the world’s oceans and is on an ongoing journey to further develop innovative ways of lowering the environmental impact of its cruise passages, from improving air quality from ship emissions, to advanced wastewater treatment, to comprehensive and coherent waste and garbage management.

MSC Cruises’ holiday experiences are sold across the globe through a distribution network in 70 countries. The Company employs over 23,500 people worldwide, both ashore and on board its ships.

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Top Billing presenter Fezile Mkhize announced as Cosmo’s Sexiest Man

Fezile Mkhize announced as Cosmo’s Sexiest Man

Top Billing presenter search 2018 winner and doctor, Fezile Mkhize was crowned as South Africa’s sexiest man at the COSMO pool and pizza party at The Capital on the Park in Sandton on Saturday 9 February.

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The 27-year-old model’s incredible charm and impressive physique earned him the top spot. His win was the result of a popular vote during which the public could choose their favourite contestant, and Mkhize took the lead.

Taking to Instagram to thank his fans and followers for supporting him, Fezile wrote:

“Thank YOU! That’s all that can really be said for this one… Thank YOU to everyone who pulled through and voted and for the support… Thank YOU to Cosmopolitan South Africa for a fun event and making me face my formidable speedo for yesterday….It’s all been a phenomenal experience and can’t state enough how the other oiled up fellas made it that much more fun. Have a Thankful Sunday You beautiful People.”

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What is forex trading and how does it work?

What is forex trading and how does it work

Forex market is a decentralized global market in which all currencies are traded against each other, and traders realize profits or losses from currency value changes. Forex Market is also known as Forex, FX, or Forex Exchange Market.

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Forex Market History

The history of the Forex Market is marked by two particular events, putting a deep stamp on its formation and development. These two historical events are the creation of the Gold Standard System and the Bretton Woods Agreement.

Gold Standard and Bretton Woods Agreements

The Gold Standard system was formed in 1875. The main hidden idea was the government’s guarantee that the currency would be backed by gold. All major economic countries have defined the amount of money to one ounce of gold as the value of their currencies in terms of gold and the ratios (ratio) of these amounts have become the exchange rates of these currencies. This marked the first standardized means of exchange in history. However, the First World War caused a break in the Gold Standard system, as countries were busy following up economic policies through the Gold Standard’s fixed exchange rate system.

In July 1944, more than 700 representatives of Allied countries stressed the importance of a monetary system that would fill the gap left behind the gold standard. They organized a meeting in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, to put in place a system called the Bretton Woods system of international monetary management. The creation of the Bretton Woods system led to the formation of fixed exchange rates as the United States defined the value of the US dollar in terms of gold equal to $ 35 for an ounce and other countries pegged their currencies to dollar. The US dollar has become the main reserve currency and the only currency that has been supported by gold. However, in 1970, the US gold reserves were so depleted that it was impossible for the US treasury to cover all the reserves held by foreign central banks.

In August 1971, the United States announced on the gold exchange changes for the US Dollar, which the central banks had under in reserve. It was the end of the Bretton Woods system and the beginning of the Forex Trading System.

What is a Forex Market?

The foreign exchange market, also known as the “Forex” or “Fx” market, is a decentralized global market where currencies are traded and traded. There is no centralized market where transactions are made. Rather, Forex trading is done electronically over-the-counter (OTC- over-the-counter), which means that all commercial transactions are done through the computer by traders and other market participants in the world.

The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world where average daily turnover (daily turnover) is growing steadily. The daily turnover of conversion transactions in the world is estimated at $ 4 billion, of which 80% is based on speculative transactions with the intention of gaining trading profit from exchange rate differences.

This type of market means that the liquidity of the market, the volume of buying and selling that occurs at a given moment, is extremely high. This is a very important factor that makes it easy to buy and sell currencies, and especially from an investor’s point of view, to determine the ease with which the price of the currency can change over time. a certain period.

How to trade the Forex Market

The trade that takes place on the Forex market involves simultaneously buying one currency and selling another. This is because the value of one currency is relative to the other currency and is determined by their comparison. From a trader’s point of view, Forex trading is speculating on the value of one currency over another.

Each currency pair can be thought of as a unit consisting of a “base currency” (the first currency) and a “counter currency” – the quotation (the second currency) that can be bought or sold. This phenomenon shows the need for quotations in the purchase of basic currencies. Thus, in the EUR / USD currency pair, EUR is the base currency, while USD is the quote. If you expect the price of the euro to increase against the US dollar, you can buy the EUR / USD currency pair. When buying a (long-term) currency pair, the base currency (EUR) is purchased, while the quotation (USD) is sold. Thus, you buy the EUR / USD currency pair at a lower price and then sell it at a higher price and, therefore, make a profit. If you expect the opposite situation, you can sell the currency pair (go short), which means selling the euro and buying the US dollar.

However, the risk is still there. If you buy the euro against the dollar, hoping that the euro will increase in price, but instead of the US dollar strengthening, you will suffer losses. So, besides the profit you can make from trading, you should always consider the risk involved in the trading.

As you can see the Forex market is not so complex to understand and not so dangerous to enter. You can become one of its participants in minutes and start making money more easily. How to learn Forex Trading and specifically how to use the online trading platforms that are presented on our website. You can read our educational materials and e-books, which can help you understand the nature of Forex trading, discover profits, learn how to trade and control your risks.

Forex Market Hours

The foreign exchange market is extremely active all day long with prices constantly changing. It’s the only market that really works 24 hours a day, five days a week. Currencies are traded in the largest stock markets and around the world. in Zurich, Hong Kong, New York, Tokyo, Frankfurt, London, Sydney and Paris. This means that in almost all time zones the market is active – when the market closes in the US, the trading day starts in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

The flexibility of time is very convenient for traders who have a busy work schedule. They do not need to worry about market opening and closing hours and are free to organize their trading when they want.

Forex Market Participants

Forex is made up of different participants, also called Forex Market Participants, who trade in the market for different reasons. This means that participation in Forex trading is not just for speculative purposes. Each of the participants plays its role in the market offering their integrity and stability.

Main participants of the Market are:

  • Government and Central Banks
  • Banks and commercial enterprises
  • Hedge funds
  • Brokerage companies
  • investors
  • Forex Trading Detail
  • speculators

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How to become a fitness coach

fitness coach

More and more people are using a fitness coach to get in shape, lose weight or just to exercise. With this new trend, new career opportunities have emerged. The sports coach is not only a person who loves the sport, it is a specialist who accompanies an individual or a team in order to help him improve his well-being, his development and to achieve his sports objectives. It is not enough to be a sportsman to become a coach.

How can one become a sports coach? Here are some tips to help you along this path.

1. Have a good training

To become a sports coach, several courses exist. First of all, there is the STAPS (Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sports Activities) university courses, which take place in 3 years minimum after the baccalaureate. There are four degrees:

  • The license “education and motor skills”, which allows to become a teacher of physical education and sports.
  • The license “sports training and performance driving” to become a coach club. It is rather directed towards the high level.
  • The “adapted physical activity” license for the supervision of people with reduced mobility, such as people with disabilities, the elderly or in the rehabilitation phase.
  • Master’s degree in EPPNM (Training, Physical, Nutritional and Mental Training) or APA specialty (Adapted Physical Activities)

Then we find the Ministry of Sports training which is more specific and therefore shorter (2 years) and which are given in private organizations or in CREPS (Regional Center for Popular Education and Sport). The qualifications to become a coach are the BPJEPS (Professional Certificate of Youth, Popular Education and Sport) formerly known as State Patent. The most suitable for this job is called BPJEPS AG2F (Gymnastic Activity of the Form and Strength). This diploma which includes a large practical part does not require to have the bac, however there are several conditions to obtain it:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Hold a first aid diploma (AFPS or PSC1)
  • Pass the entrance tests for training
  • Pass the tests specific to each training organization

2. Choosing the right place of work

A sports coach can work in different organizations. He can practice in a company, a sports club, a fitness center or home. His job will be different depending on where he practices.

In a sports club or a fitness center, a coach can give group lessons (cardio, fitness, bodybuilding …) or take care of the individual accompaniment of the members. In the second case, he prepares a personalized training according to the objectives and abilities of the person he coaches.

At home, the coach must bring the necessary equipment to his clients (floor mats, weights …). He must take the time to define with them their objectives in order to propose a tailor-made program. Then he sets regular appointments so that the proposed exercises are carried out regularly and the results arrive more quickly.

The coaching in company consists of offering a personalized coaching in small group or collective lessons. These interventions help to fight against stress, create social bonds and relax the atmosphere. It also allows employees to engage in physical activity without having to travel. A business coach may also be involved in running sports days or business seminars to promote cohesion within the group.

3. Listening to customers

Being a sports coach is not just about physical activity. Indeed, there is a large mental part to take into account. The sports coach must be an “educator”; he must listen to his clients, understand their needs and help them to realize them. Also, it is necessary that it is attentive to the will of its last ones and to know the remotiver in case of necessity. For this he must be dynamic and find the right words to restore their confidence or desire. In addition, he must remain calm and be patient so that his clients are calm and they are not rushed or discouraged. Thus, the essential qualities of a sports coach are listening, charisma, dynamism and patience.

If the coach coaches at home, it must also have business concepts to successfully keep customers from one year to another and to build a loyal clientele. It must therefore promote its sports programs and ensure that they meet the demand for a chance to retain its current customers.

4. Take care of yourself

Coaching others is good, but you also have to think about training yourself! Indeed, it is important that a coach remains dynamic to be able to train his clients as well as possible. He must always maintain a physical activity and not consider that training others is already used for physical exercise. As he coaches several individuals, he is sometimes considered a model to follow. It is therefore important that he also practices regularly and that he sets a good example. Moreover, if he is satisfied with the activities he carries out with his clients, some of them could be led to develop the same level of sport as him! It is therefore imperative that the coach continue his own training to maintain his credibility.

A coach must also maintain a healthy lifestyle. His schedules are sometimes out of step with the employees of companies because they offer their services during the free hours of their clients. They must therefore maintain a suitable pace of life and think of eating and sleeping enough to hold a day.

5. Think about the future

A sports coach can not generally practice his job all his life. Indeed, it is a very hard job, which requires a lot of energy. The physical abilities of a coach will decrease with time and it will be more and more difficult for him to play sports as often. He must therefore think about a reconversion not to find himself suddenly without a job if he can no longer provide his courses.

Depending on his background, a coach may later become a trainer of future coaches, fitness manager, assistant director or director of a fitness center or club. He will be able to continue working in the field of sport without continuing to do so much physical exercise.

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eNCA’s Checkpoint nominated for 2 SAFTAs

eNCA’s Checkpoint SAFTA

eNCA’s weekly current affairs show, Checkpoint has been nominated for two South African Film & Television Awards. The series, which brings together a team of seasoned investigative journalists, has been at the forefront of thought-provoking journalism since its launch on the channel in April 2014.

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Two stories, IsiKebhe and Dr Sello of Ikageng were both nominated in the Best Current Affairs Programme category.

IsiKebhe investigated an anti-stock theft organisation that had gone rogue and become a feared vigilante group in the absence of effective policing. After being alerted about brutal community punishment being dished out by the group in rural KZN, producer Sebe Buthelezi and cameraman Tshepo Dhlamini went to find out more.

Buthelezi is thrilled about the nomination, “I’m just a regular girl trying to leave a positive mark in the world, through my work and my stories. Clearly the universe is listening because I’m a SAFTA nominee!”

Following complaints from the public, Dr Sello of Ikageng uncovered the horrific abuses at the hands of a medical practitioner near Potchefstroom. Health-E’s Bernadette Maguire discovered that the practitioner had been hospitalised for mental health issues.

Maguire says, “After being alerted to the tragic death of a toddler and the excruciating last moments of a Potchefstroom grandmother, I was determined to seek justice for the families where the Health Professions Council had failed. Little did I know I would find out so much more about the man dubbed Dr Death.”

The practitioner was suspended as a result of the investigation.

Checkpoint’s executive producer and anchor, Nkepile Mabuse, says that the nominations affirm the work done by the team, “We don’t do our work for awards but being acknowledged by the industry always highlights the dedication of the Checkpoint team. It is most gratifying when those who work tirelessly behind the scenes also get to bask in the glory of achievement.”

The winners will be announced on Saturday, 2 March.

New episodes of Checkpoint premiere every Tuesday at 8.30pm on eNCA (DStv channel 403) with repeats on Sundays at 7pm.

Checkpoint also airs every Tuesday at 10pm on (DSTV channel 194, Openview channel 104)


Tonight (12 Feb):Checkpoint investigates a car dealership accused of scamming now angry clients, who go on the hunt for the elusive and smooth-talking owner.

Next Week (19 Feb): There were 23 murder/suicides involving police officers & their intimate partners over the past year. Checkpoint examines the lives that were torn apart and asks whether SAPS could better handle suicidal officers.

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Win a R20k wedding package with celebrity photographer Xavier Saer

Enhle Mbali and Black Coffee Xavier Saer

Sought after high-fashion, luxury, commercial and celebrity photographer, Xavier Saer, has announced that he’ll be giving away a wedding photography package worth R20 000 as he officially launches his wedding photography division, Wedding Fash by Xavier.

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To stand a chance to have your special day captured by Xavier, you simply have to “like” the Wedding Fash Facebook AND Instagram pages by Friday, 1 March 2019. Xavier will also give away a R5000 engagement shoot to a runner up winner. Winners to be announced on Saturday, 2 March 2019.

Xavier Saer Wedding Fash

Wedding Fash was created to bring a cinematic approach to your big day. Coming from a high-fashion background and working closely with some of the world’s most sought-after names, Xavier Saer brings a distinct magazine quality to your wedding memorabilia and would love to capture you day’s event in a way that you will treasure forever.

Xavier Saer’s Wedding Fash portfolio already includes high profile weddings like that of Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali amongst others.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have your special day or engagement shoot captured by Xavier. “Like” Wedding Fash. Visit

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Top 5 black natural hairstyles for medium length hair

Natural curls with flat twist _ natural hairstyles

Have you ever thought of growing natural hair that is medium-length? Most South African women with natural hair consider themselves blessed because the medium-length is the most flexible and you can try many different black natural hairstyles which are comfortable, simple and easy to make.

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As a woman, you can research online on how to do a certain natural hairstyle. Websites such as are good examples of sites where you can learn hairstyles for natural hair of middle length South African ladies who have natural hair.

African ladies can try various options and still look amazing in their African hairstyles. You can include plenty of elements with your medium hair. Below are some of the natural hairstyles that you can try.

Top 5 hairstyles for natural hair:

1. Natural curls with flat twist

How To Do Natural Curls With Flat Twist?

Flat twists are essentially two-strand cornrows that give your natural curls hella volume and curl definition. Part your hair in a row, divide the top of the row into two strands then twist over and under all the way to the ends, collecting more hair into the two strands while keeping the twist flat to the scalp.

2. Two-stranded twists: side style

How To Do Two Stranded Twists?

Two-strand twists are a versatile hairstyle that can work on either short or long hair. The basic two-strand twists can be used as a base hairstyle for many different variations so that each hairdresser can give an individualized look. Children can also benefit from this easy-to-keep hairstyle since it can be dressed up with ribbons or beads. Follow the steps below to learn how to do two-strand twists with a professional look that can be another added hairstyle choice for your hair care routine.

Two-stranded twists - side style

3. Pulled back ponytail

How To Do Pulled Back Ponytail?

If you want a nice full ponytail, split it into 2 sections. Pull the 2 sections apart to tighten the hair tie, then let go of them. Use hairspray to lightly mist your ponytail to set the style. For a sleeker look, use the back of your brush to smooth your hair down before the hairspray sets.

Pulled back ponytail

4. Side braids hairstyle

How To Do Braids Hairstyle?

Brush your hair. Begin by brushing your hair thoroughly. Part your hair. Gather all your hair to 1 side. Split the hair into 3 sections. Braid the hair. Stop at the desired length. Secure the end. Tug a few shorter strands of hair out of the bunch if desired.

Side braids hairstyle

5. Twisted crown bun

How to Do a Twisted Crown Hairstyle?

A twisted crown hairstyle is similar to a milkmaid brad style, where you wrap your hair around your head. Instead of using Dutch and regular braids, however, you use twisted braids instead. You can do a standard up-do, where you pull all of your hair up into a twisted crown. You can also try a relaxed version, where you only pull part of your hair up into the twisted crown, leaving the bottom part of your hair loose, like a half-up, half-down ponytail.

Twisted crown bun

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