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Fame Africa TV hangs out with Tshepo Kabelo Mabuza aka SIR KAYBEE

Tshepo Kabelo Mabuza aka SIR KAYBEE

Up coming DJ and music producer SIR KAYBEE is ready to take his name to the next level in Mzansi. SIR KAYBEE whose real name is Tshepo Kabelo Mabuza hails from Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Tshepo told Fame Africa TV that he’s part of the group called SIRNesh and he is currently busy working on his EP.

“Right now I’m working on my EP which will include tracks I did a while back from the previous EP. However, I am not yet sure which track will be out first but I have a single with my partner titled ‘Hamba’. The single is being received well by the people.”

When asked about what inspired him to start deejaying, the upcoming producer said “passion and for some reason I’ve always wanted to be in the music industry, I thought I was going to be a singer, but here I am today as a DJ.”

SIR KAYBEE also told us that he’s got a list of South African celebrities he believes are most influential. “It’s a long list but these gentlemen played an important role in building me as an artist. I look up to DJ Black Coffee, AKA, Oskido, DJ Sbu and Zola 7,” – he said.

The unseen talent sees himself paving his own way to the top with a different sound and mostly he’s not competing with anyone but himself.

“We all different individuals I can’t say I’m competing with someone whereas we got different goals and aren’t in the same league.”

“The aim is to be as big as I can be, an international status would be lovely and have helped a lot of young talent come up because as a newcomer myself I know the difficulties and some of the scams we go through.”

His message to all upcoming artists is “my message would be do music or whatever you want to do because you love it and have the zeal for it. Don’t do it because your friends are doing it, also don’t do it for the money, patience is key.”

You can follow SIR KAYBEE on Twitter @tsheposirkaybee for more updates on his upcoming EP. We wish him all the best on his journey.

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Van Tee Tonder returns with new house single titled Make It Rain

Van Tee Tonder

Multi-talented house music DJ, Arthur Bvuma, better known in the music circles as Van Tee Tonder, returns with the release of new single titled Make It Rain.

Make It Rain is a house music bounce track with witty lyrics, melodic bridge and a catchy chorus which is easy to sing along. Make It Rain is a combo of lush instrumentation and sultry song-craft from Van Tee Tonder.

“The song is about my woman asking me to make it rain for her, a happy rain for that matter,” expresses Van Tee Tonder.

Stream/download Van Tee Tonder’s new single Make It Rain here:

Make It Rain comes with a sensational combination of vocals and dope lyrical flows that will ensure we head into the weekend with a banging groove. The single is expected to be a highly impactful single which will instantly bring life to many parties across the country.

The single is already play listed on various key radio community and urban youth radio stations throughout the country including Emalahleni FM, Alex FM and Inanda FM just to mention a few.

Van Tee Tonder’s passion was influenced by the likes of DJ Cleo and after years of chasing his dream, Van Tee Tonder’s career is finally taking shape.

Van Tee Tonder proves his versatility as a DJ and producer on Make It Rain with his fresh unique sound that appeals to all.

Follow Van Tee Tonder on social media for more updates on the music video for Make It Rain.

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Talented songstress Sesethu Hlomela’s Sthandwa Sam blazes airwaves

Sesethu Hlomela Sthandwa Sam blazes airwaves

Multi-talented songbird Sesethu Hlomela, affectionately known as Sese, is blazing radio airwaves with her new single titled Sthandwa Sam.

Sthandwa Sam by Sese is an inspirational and exciting tune that lyrically uplifts spirits with each intoned harmony, as the talented singer sheds some positive light on her outlook of life.

“This song is different from my previous ones, in terms of the new sound that I started working with. It has that classical feel, previously my sound was more jazz filled. Sthandwa Sam relates more to my voice techniques, and I’m enjoying the feel already,’’ shares Sese.

Sese’s new single Sthandwa Sam is available to stream or download on all major digital platforms including iTunes here:

The highly experienced and talented Sese, with the ability of casting a musical spell over an audience, has performed with renowned music bands on stage shows and also assisted them in composing their leading songs.

Sese uses her life experiences as inspiration to take to the entertainment stage and you will always find deeper meaning in her lyrics.

Sthandwa Sam is a song to brighten up one’s day when all seems gloomy and mundane. Make sure to request Sese’s Sthandwa Sam on your favourite radio stations and follow her on social media for more exciting news about her upcoming album release.

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Neo Makwa Takes Centre Stage

Neo Makwa Takes Centre Stage

The Talented superstar producer, Neo Makwa, who has been on the forefront of hits such as Spirit, Ngiyazifela Ngawe, Nomyini, Mayibabo by Kwesta and Aunty by Kid X, extends his extraordinary talent to being in front of the mic.

Neo Makwa who is respected and known for his ability to produce hit music is fully following his primary objective and calling of being on centre stage. Coming into the industry as a producer was just a stepping stone for Makwa to eventually progress to his real love which is making authentically indigenous music influenced by our vast South African culture and diversity with a touch of youth influenced sounds and content.

He released his debut single in March 2017 titled “Inamba” which featured an all-star Raplyf lineup, Kid X, Kwesta and TLT. The single was an introduction of Makwa as an artist and has since been a great success on radio and a favorite in the streets.

His sophomore single is a clear indication that none exist like him, it is sound that positions Makwa in his on lane as it is completely different from the current youth sound, however the content is youthful with a deep touch of COOL.

The single, is inspired and named after the section Makwa was born and bred in Katlehong. He talks about his childhood experiences and his current state of life, making references to what he wears, drinks and celebrates. The record fuses elements of his native Sotho guitar, which he sings over in isiZulu and Sotho which are languages he grew up speaking in his hometown Katlehong . The song is a true representation of Africa and is an ode to his hometown. He speaks about how he came from nothing and had to take it upon himself to carve out his own lane and make something of himself through all adversity.

The song had a radio premiered on Tuesday on YFM and has been received well all round, with people praising it for being authentic and cutting through the clutter of everyone sounding the same.

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Young upcoming rapper Xenlaii releases his first song

“How To Play” smashing single by Xenlaii ft Amarafleur

From the humble beginnings of Pietermaritzburg, Xenlaii has released his first single titled: How To Play ft Amarafleur.

Born and bred in Pietermaritzburg, Xolani Thabani Mchunu better known as Xenlaii, the upcoming young rapper, singer, songwriter and performer started his music career at an early age inspired by the likes of Kanye West, Jay Z, Usher, Drake, The Beatles, Lebo Mathosa and TKZee.

“The song truly reflects the lack of emotion and affection in the youth’s relationships these days. Growing up in the era of social media and staged reality, these kids are on the quest for status, social acknowledgement, physical stimulation and materials. It’s the “live in the moment” culture, Xenlaii says.

His music represents life and he loves delivering his stories in a cohesively packaged manner where the visual matches the instrumental and lyrics.

“It’s all about innovation, creating vibes and an experience that will inspire generations”, he added.

In addition to his music talent, Xenlaii excelled in arts and sports in school. He grew an interest for Basketball and that elevated him to play for the U16 South African National team. This opened doors for him to be invited to the Basketball Without Borders Camp, which is a camp for the best 100 players in Africa. These achievements got him scholarships in both high school and university. He studied until he obtained a degree in Communication/Graphic Design.

The single is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Youtube, Audiomack, Spotify and Apple Music.

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Ugandan Hip-Hop Artist Ajo Releases NUBA from African Reality Album

Ugandan Hip-Hop recording artist Ajo has released NUBA

Ugandan Hip-Hop recording artist Ajo has released NUBA, the second single off his forthcoming Album titled “African Reality.”

Ajo described Nuba as a collective term used for the various indigenous peoples who inhabit the Nuba. Mountains of South Kordofan state in Sudan. Although the term is used to describe them as if they composed a single group, the Nuba is an umbrella term encompassing multiple distinct peoples that speak different languages, often belonging to unrelated language families.

“The term should not be confused with the Nubians, an ethnic group speaking the Nubian languages, although the Hill Nubians, who live in the Nuba Mountains, are also considered part of the Nuba geographic grouping of peoples” – Ajo.

The rapper further stated that Nuba is a song about African Identity. This song refocuses the attention on self-worth and acceptance of who we are as Africans from skin colour to mental tenacity.

The song points out some of the outstanding characters in African History such as Shaka of the Zulu Kingdom, Mansa Musa of the Mali Empire, Kabalega of the Bunyoro Kingdom, Emorimori of Teso among others.

This Song highlights the state of life in Africa with personal description of how it feels to be part of Africa. It’s not the entire continent’s perception but a perception of through Ajo’s looking glass. This song also points out some of the gruesome acts that have been crippling the continent including and encourages Africans to raise the vail that is blinding them so that they see more clearly what the world is offering.

Stay connected with Ajo by following him on social media for updates.

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Pretoria Producer DJ Young DLC Signs With Sony ATV South Africa

Young DLC Song ATV signing

Ultra talented Pretoria based producer, songwriter and DJ Young DLC (21) has bagged himself a publishing contract with Sony ATV South Africa.

The Campus of Performing Arts Pretoria music student boasts under his belt production credits for Coke Studio Africa 2017, where he worked on all remixes and cover songs for the whole 13 episodes.

The 21-year-old producer, songwriter and DJ stormed South African airwaves early in the year with his first collaboration with Sylent Nqo, a guitarist from Zimbabwe, enjoying high rotation on Algoa FM. The Young DLC produced song, Be My Girl, was on the Eastern Cape’s AlgoaFM Top 30 charts for 14 weeks , and peaked at number 5. You can also here some of his music by visiting soundcloud.

Before signing to Sony ATV, Young DLC was one of the selected few producers invited to the Sony ATV writers camp, a weekend where he worked with South Africa’s crème de la crème of producers and songwriters.

Song ATV South Africa took to social networks to announce the signing with a statement,”#NewSigning Thrilled to have producer and composer Young DLC join the #sonyatvtribe Looking forward to being part of the journey”

A fast rising EDM DJ on his own right, Young DLC will be working on some exciting collaborations across Africa, Europe and South America. Young DLC production skills have been recognized by France’s Hip Hop fraternity, with some of the big names in the game already working on tracks using his beats.

Young DLC has a collaborative work relationship with Tristan of December, where they have formed a yet to be named songwriting duo. They have written a couple of tracks, and all projects are under wraps for now.

Young DLC, a former Boston Campus Soul Candi School of Music student, has his own solo single, Desert Flower which received positive reviews when he performed it live on eTV’s ShizLive in November 2017.

In 2016, Young DLC’s song Don’t Stop was published worldwide by a Netherlands Record Label. Young DLC was on Coke Studio SA 2016 where he produced for Aewon Wolf and Jade Brandon, their song is played on 5fm and other commercial radio stations.

Young DLC says,” This is a new and exciting journey for me. New Chapter. Excited that I will be working with Sony ATV, with worldwide songwriting and production opportunities. Surely dreams can come true, this is one good example”

Young DLC’s manager, Tendai Joe said,” We are thrilled by this milestone in Young DLC’s career. He is an incredibly hardworking songwriter and producer, with an amazing talent. With Sony on his side, Young DLC will surely grow to be one of the best songwriters and producers out of Africa.”

Young DLC was one of the headline acts at  the recently cancelled Treadfest SA, which was to be held December 2017 at Drakensburg Amphitheatre. Young DLC was on Billboards and posters with the likes of Gangs of Ballet, Mathew Mole, Sketchy Bongo, Francois Van Coke, Monark, Majozi, Locnville, Goodluck, Pit Fat, Chinda Munki, December Streets, The Kiffness, Ryki, Graeme Watkin Project, Yannick Meyer, The Sweet Resistance, Opposite The Other, DJ Wandile and others.

Connect with DJ YOUNG DLC on Social Media

Twitter: @YoungDLC_96
Facebook: YoungDLC96
Instagram: YoungDLC96

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Cape Town-based DJ and music producer Bee Deejay

Bee DeeJay x Anelisa – Should Have

Bee Deejay is a Cape Town-based DJ and music producer. Bee Deejay’s latest single titled “Should Have” features Anelisa Tyutyu – who tells a story about about missed chances. This girl met someone she really liked but did not say anything and was left wishing she had been more assertive in her efforts to get her crushes attention. This story is told over a beautifully-crafted afro-house beat fused with a live element in the form of an electronic guitar.

  • Tiitle: Should Have
  • Artist: Bee Deejay feat Anelisa
  • SAMRO Number: 2275376
  • ISRC Code: ISRC-ZA-38N-17-00003
  • Produced By: Bereng ‘Bee Deejay’ Phokeng
  • Vocals Written By: Anelisa Tyutyu
  • Additional Music (Guitar): Arthur Lesley Timbe
  • Mixed By: Bereng ‘Bee Deejay’ Phokeng; Siyamthanda ‘Mailo Music’ Thomas
  • Mastered By: Siyamthanda ‘Mailo Music’ Thomas
  • Distribution & Publishing : Afro Origins Media

Bereng ‘Bee Deejay’ Phokeng, is a Cape Town based dj; music producer; co-founder of BlueAppleEye Concepts; Founding CEO of BeeWear Urban Clothing and a freelance events manager.

Born and bred in Paarl, Bee has established himself as force to be reckoned with, within Cape Town and the South African music scene as a whole.

Founder of the renowned ‘Musical Expressions’ podcasts that has thousands of followers waiting to download whenever he releases. His music (mixes and production) has been supported all over the country by stations such as Metro FM, Goodhope FM, UmhloboWenene, 5FM, just to name a few. He has also featured internationally, on a radio stations such as QH, which is based in the UK. In February 2014, Bee was identified as one of a select few of artists in Cape Town to participate in a iKasi Connection Programme spearheaded by Red Bull & Bridges For Music that went on to release an album compilation.

Recent successes include reaching the number 1 spot on YFM’s hot 99 Dance chart and remaining there for a further 2 weeks for his song titled ‘Sunset’. The same song has been featured on an album compilation by Mizz titled ‘Deep Sounds of Cape Town’, which is available to download on itunes and other digital platforms.

Major events and festivals involved in include iPotsoyi Festival South Africa, CTEMF (Cape Town Electronic Music Festival), Rocking The Daisies Festival just to name a few..

Connect with Bee Deejay:

Twitter: @Bee_Deejay
Facebook: Bee Deejay
Instagram: Bee_Deejay

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Durban Kwaito group Decent Friends rocks KZN

Decent Friends – Ibhasi Cover

Decent Friends is a new up and coming Durban Kwaito group dishing out hot music while taking KZN and other provinces by storm.

Decent Friends couldn’t have come at a better time when people are starting to believe that Durban kwaito is dead and that no one makes good musical verses any more. Decent Friends is signed under the label RootsKollective.

They have two singles (Muntu wami & Amaginsa) released under the – Bang The drums project 2020 – a project that features various artists such as Xoli M, Afrikan Roots, Soulstar, just to name a few. They have also worked and collaborated with major artist in the game since they started their music career including, BHAR (Sugar hill), Bhizer (Kalawa Jazz me) & Dj Sonic (Gagasi fm).

The single: “Muntu Wami” by Decent Friends ft Afrikan Roots & Miss Twaggy is currently on high rotation in major radio stations around the country (South Africa); top 10 on the Gagasi FM.

The love song blends in the original Durban kwaito rhythm and sound with a touch of beautiful vocals sung by Miss

Twaggy; a song that truly takes one on a journey; a journey of love. It is slowly but surely becoming a favourite in wedding ceremonies and one of the most frequently requested songs in radio since its release.

More good music under this new group is hot single ft DJ Pinky called ‘Isela’. The song is a sought after song and currently also on high rotation on major radio stations.

Gagasifm’s King S’fiso drive and on the top 30 of the Gagasi fm charts.

The group is made up of 3 members Zwelethu Myeza (Stanza), Muzi Luthuli (Mpheristo) Sphiwe Mngoma (Sbopho); The 3 guys are all from Folweni in Durban.

Of late, Decent Friends have release another song called ‘Nal’ ibhasi’ this is a truly festive big banger, with a catchy tune and all round good music.

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Award-winning Photographer Manyatsa Monyamane to Exhibit at Cradle Contemporary Art Fair

Award-winning Photographer Manyatsa Monyamane

Twenty eight-year old Manyatsa Monyamane, a Mamelodi-raised, Johannesburg-based photographer describes herself as “an artist; a storyteller through imagery, inspired and influenced by African literature, theatre and everyday surroundings”. And looking at Monyamane’s portraits that boldly and contemplatively frame her surrounds, you can see how this description comes to life.

Her work won her a place in the top 10 and winner of a Merit Award in the 2017 Absa L’Atelier and she was also recently awarded the Lizamore & Associates Mentorship Prize and picked up the Multi and New Media / Photography Merit Award at the 30th instalment of the inaugural Thami Mnyele Art Award.

Her work will be on display and for sale at the forthcoming Cradle Contemporary Art Fair, which will be held over four days – from Thursday, November 30 to Sunday, December 3 at the Cradle Boutique Hotel located in the Cradle of Humankind.

Manyatsa Monyamane first started taking photographs with a point and shoot family camera at the age of nine, and later went on to study photography. “My photography is aimed at creating an archive and to serve some sort of historic record, while putting a spotlight on unpopular themes and subject matters and celebrating everyday life.”
Monyamane chats about a new project capturing the youth of the 1970s and earlier and what photography has taught her.

Can you recall the first photographs you took? 
Yes, the first photographs I took was of my family members.

Where did you love of photography come from?
My love for photography sparked from my love of storytelling, photography became that vehicle to drive the stories I want to tell.

What inspires you and your work?
My work and I are inspired and  influenced by African literature, theatre and everyday surroundings.

What or who is your subject matter and why?
The participants in this project emphasize the historical value of the elders, these are real people who witnessed and experienced the transition of an entire society towards the birth of a new nation and have defined what it means to be a South African today and yet their strength has never been celebrated. So this project focuses on capturing the essence of timeless beauty and style of the youth of the 70s and earlier, looking at how they define themselves 50 years later and also their strength that carried us through the dark days and continue to carry us to this day.

How do you go about picking your subjects and putting them at ease in front of the camera?
How I go about finding the participants that I work with is through friends, family members and moving around the city and townships having conversations with elders. Through the conversations, we have established a rapport which comes in handy when they stand in front of the camera.

You were recently one of the top 10 artists in the Absa L’Atelier awards. Tell us about that.
Having been a winner of the Merit Award has given the project awareness and put a spotlight on our unsung heroes and  heroines which created interest of people wanting to learn more about their individual different stories.

Has photography become easier now that it is all digital?
I think photography  has become more easily accessible but the journey of visualising and imagination in creating the work still remains the same but just more complicated for analogue. The fact that you can see the image after you’ve clicked the shutter on a digital camera as compared to analogue, where the image “exists” because you photographed it but it doesn’t “exist” since you haven’t gone through the lab development process, that inspires a different imagination process for analogue photography compared to digital.

What do you feel photography has taught you?
Photography has taught me to view life with a different perspective.

Which photographers, local and international, do you admire?
Edinah Ndlovu, Neo Ntsoma and Zanele Muholi

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