Lolo Vandal Releases “Yiphinde” Music Video

Lolo Vandal Yiphinde Music Video

Yiphinde is a song taken off Lolo Vandal’s latest Ep “Bonus”. Lolo Vandal takes us to a journey that exposes us to the lifestyle we come across everyday when it’s December time in most of the Townships in South Africa. He shows us the kasi love, joy and unity that we don’t usually see or hear about on television.

When watching the music video you feel the Kasi lifestyle running in his vains. From his style of dressing to the lyrics he represents the Kasi lifestyle. Yiphinde music video will remind you of the Yizo Yizo series, in fact it’s a summary of all the serieses we used to watch in the 90s. You can stream or download BONUS Ep by visiting slikouronlife.

“I am very proud of myself…I did not think that one day I will direct, shoot and edit a beautiful music video like this. I give thanks to Nkundla Tsolwana who assisted me in shooting this music video” – Lolo Vandal said.

“When I was editing “Yiphinde” music video, I was worried about people’s reactions towards the video. Now that it’s out, I am very proud and appreciate the love we are receiving. I pray that TV channels play this music video and show the world how people from ekasi support what we do” – he added.

Vandal concluded that he will forever tell Kasi Stories because true talent lives in the hood.

Watch Yiphinde Official music video below:

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