Lusanda Mbane on playing Boniswa on Scandal etv

Lusanda mbane scandal etv

Actress Lusanda Mbane’s story line in etv soapie Scandal is one of the most loved at the moment. The story line that includes a recent polygamous marriage, drama and cat fights keeps viewers glued to their screens every weekday.

According to Channel24, Lusanda says she absolutely enjoys playing the character and it has given her as an actress the reign to be diverse on her delivery of the role.

“Even though our characters are different, I identify with her (Boniswa) will to fight and defend the people who mean a lot to her,” Lusanda said in a recent interview with BONA magazine.

Lusanda says she also uses her own experiences as a wife and mother to help nail her character. “I love my family and would do anything to protect them, so I get her there,” Lusanda adds.

 As a fun loving person herself Lusanda says the only thing she wishes her character would do is lighten up a bit and stop being so serious


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