Mixtape by Lolo Vandal ready to hit the streets

Lolo Vandal new mixtape

Xhosa rapper Lolo Vandal is set to release another mixtape on the 17th August 2018. His mixtape aims to change people’s lives. 

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Lolo Vandal is a young musician from Eastern Cape who aims to influence many people through his music and change their lives.

Although this is common with most musicians who are still new in the music industry, this young gentleman with a gentle heart and soft smiles has proved to be more influential than an recording artist out there.

The 25-year-old has titled his upcoming mixtape ‘Indlela’ which may translate or have various meaning but the simplest, in its most purest form is ‘Journey’.

Lolo Vandal Tracklist

In the mixtape, one of his tracks ‘Iphupha’, Lolo raps about the risks of following your dreams in the arts industry especially coming from the deep rurals of Eastern Cape, where success is only perceived as a job in a suit and tie.

With the chorus “Inde lendlela”, this amazing upcoming hip-hop sensation speaks about the power in patience.
His music also encourages fathers to take care of their children and he also pays tribute to his late brother who passed on due to tragic acts of violence ‘Themba’.

Indlela Official Artwork

One of his club bangers are ‘Dubula’ and ‘Ziyawa’ will have to singing and rapping along to every lyric, Lolo being an entertainer himself, will have to joking around imagining the atmosphere during the recording.

The poet/rapper who also raps in his mother tongue ‘IsiXhosa’, also encourages people to be patient with themselves when chasing their dreams in his song ‘Move On’.

“I’m not ashamed, I love myself and I am proud of that,” he raps.

For more information about his coming projects, you can follow him on Instagram or Twitter.

Here is a sneak preview of Lolo Vandal’s mixtape:

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