Nomzamo Mbatha surprise party

Last week Friday, a surprise celebration party was held in honour of actress and model, Nomzamo Mbatha.

The party was held to celebrate the fact that Mbatha finally obtained the BCom Accounting degree from the University of Cape Town that she has been working very hard towards among all her other responsibilities.

Mbatha could not hide her joy and even described how she felt as she walked into her party.

“… When I stepped into the villa, it took my breath away, the endless horizon was just magical in the many layers it shown. It reminded me of my late little sister, Carla. In my mind, it was Carla’s View. She along with my grandmother, dad, older sister, were the people I longed to share achievement with the most.

“I stopped myself so many times from calling them… But they were all there in that endless view. The year 2017, was filled with so many exciting challenges and blessings, and now I start off 2018 with the greatest achievement of my life.”

There were a number of famous faces on the room to celebrate Mbatha’s achievement, including TV Host and the founder and CEO of Ndalo Media and Ndalo Luxury Ventures, Khanyi Dhlomo.

Khanyi Dhlomo and Nomzamo Mbatha

Nomzamo Mbatha also took to Instagram where she thanked everyone who made her surprise party a success “When the world is filled with words of who we ‘shouldn’t be’… you personify everything that we absolutely should dare to be. And that is to:

Disrupt the narrative, be bolder, graceful, smarter, kinder, compassionate, be a resounding instrument in the universe’s orchestra but most of all… “have intention in all that we do…” Ngiyabonga … in the truest sense of the word. Thank you for being one of the integral parts of my summit. Because in you being unapologetic in shining your light for the good of those who see it, how else would we have found permission to do the same. You are loved, deeply. Makwande ✊🏽❤️💕🌺 P.S yes everyone, I have the cheesiest grin.”

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