Papa Penny Penny Ahee loses money

Tsonga disco king Penny Penny is angry with Standard Bank after losing out on a R1 million rand deal. 

The legendary musician, whose real name is Eric Nkovane, signed a contract with the bank worth R1 million to act as an ambassador for its Gold Master Card competition.

According to Sowetan LIVE, Penny Penny only got paid R100 000 but he will still pursue a R200000 fee for cancellation of the contract.

“They had to pay me for the work that I already did and for the costs I paid during travelling to promote their work. According to the contract they are supposed to give me R500000 for signing. I have missed out on other gigs of a similar nature because of them,” Penny Penny said.

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His PR manager Thabang Mnisi said Papa Penny’s deal with Standard Bank was mediated by Collective ID, which was communicating with the star through him. 

“They were interested in Penny Penny because of his song Goldie Bone, which was in line with their gold card. Even though his roles were not properly defined at the time, they said he will be part of their social media advert using his Goldie Bone song.” – Mnisi said.

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