Shocking Easy Money Finale Promises Blood

Easy Money Finale etv’s nailbiting drama Easy Money comes to a thrilling conclusion on Tuesday 27 February as Mr Eddy attempts to wipe out Khosi completely.

Easy Money is a universal story of how easy it is to lose your moral compass and compromise your integrity when faced with the promise of a quick financial win – and proves there’s no such thing as ‘easy money’.

Mr Eddy presents himself as a legal attorney overseeing Pharaoh Investments. His soft-spoken nature hides a ruthless side – when confronted, he’ll remove any threat to his business without a second thought.Time is running out for Khosi, a strong, resilient woman who has her heart in the right place – but greed got the better of her as she was lured into a pyramid scheme after her family landed in debt. The appeal of easy money and promises to solve all her financial struggles blind her to the dangers of the world she’s playing in – and the reality is that she has helped steal the savings of people in her community. 

When she discovered that Pharaoh Investments is a Ponzi scheme, she realised what she’d done to herself, her family and her community and swore to right her wrongs – and bring down Pharaoh’s kingpin. Now Mr Eddy has her in his sights and she needs to stay ahead of the vengeful trickster to topple the scheme in a bid for redemption.

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