Z’bondiwe: Ntando and Roxanne get married on Z’bondiwe Season 2

Ntando And Roxanne Get Married On Z’bondiwe

Episode 6 – 14 June 2016, 21:35PM

Ntando and Bheka find out that Nomonde is Killer’s traditional wife. They question her about Killer, and she puts on quite a show. Roxanne is planning her wedding, but she can’t help feeling guilty about the secret she’s carrying. Meantime, Esihle and Paseka are becoming acquainted… Ntando asks Bheka to be a groomsman at his wedding; everyone is looking forward to the day. Andile passes Killer’s test, and Killer has another job lined up for Andile – his revenge plan is taking shape, and we finally find out what it is on the day of the wedding…

Ntando and Bheka


Episode 7 – 21 June 2016, 21:35PM

Everyone is reeling after Noma takes the bullet for Roxanne – she doesn’t make it. Killer learns that Andile messed up; he is livid, but takes comfort in the fact that Roxanne is suffering. Paseka comforts Esihle as she tries to come to terms with what’s happened. Meanwhile, Ntando has his suspicions as to who could want Roxanne dead.

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