Local actor Clint Brink, has taken to his Instagram to share a touching tribute to his wife, Steffi Van Wyk-Brink.

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Clint gushed about how Steffi had gotten him out of a dark place, where many things came to weigh him down. The star also talks about how his wife loves him through all his issues and makes him a better man.

“Through the years I’ve learned to cope with the many things that came to break me down. You came and showed me that there is another way. With You I am Better.

My trust issues you address with care. Slowly unwrapping the layers of “ag it’s okay…I’m okay ” that I used to bind the broken pieces of my heart together. You heal me. With you I am better.

Your belief and support in me gives me a peace that is undoubted. You see my heart , my potential and my need. You speak words of kindness , consideration and Soul-Wisdom. You Build me. With You I am better.

I was lost. I was broken. I prayed and God sent me you. Now…with you…I am better.

My best friend. My lover. My Confidant. My home. I love you more than words can say Steffi van Wyk-Brink (sic),” – he wrote on Instagram.

Image Courtesy: instagram.com/clintonthebrink

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