The Queen actress Khanya Mkangisa has opened up and admitted being ‘in the wrong’ after a video of her getting arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol made rounds on social media.

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In the video which went viral on social media, Khanya Mkangisa, can be seen with her hands behind her back, while she and a female Metro Police Officer have a heated verbal exchange.

Speaking on Metro FM’s Fresh Breakfast show on Monday, the television presenter Khanya admitted that she was in the wrong and there was no excuse for driving under the influence.

“I don’t like to play victim. I was in the wrong. No one should ever be driving under the influence, for whatever reason. Even be like, ‘It’s just up the road’ (or) ‘I am just quickly dropping someone off’. That shouldn’t have happened – that I acknowledge – but keep the same energy, treat me like you would everyone else.”

“People don’t even really know what happened. What is being put out there is almost how I retaliated after being provoked from the minute I was stopped. People don’t know that this woman tortured me from before I even got out of my car, pushing me.” – she added.

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