Seasoned voice over artist, radio and TV personality, Carol Ofori, is set to kickstart her first show as Radio 2000’s new weekend breakfast-show host this Saturday, 4 May 2019, with The Weekend Favour every Saturday and Sunday from 6am till 9am.

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The award-nominated radio personality is revamping the breakfast-show with some exciting and stand-out features to get your weekend mornings going.

“After a number of years in this radio business this new chapter is really an exciting leg I just can’t wait to embark on. To have a platform to engage with listeners, create moments with listeners and even learn from listeners is such an awesome experience and to do so on a national platform is not something I take for-granted,” shares Carol Ofori.

Reflecting on her radio career and the names she gives her radio shows, Carol Ofori shares how “The Weekend Favour” show name came to be.

“Everything that is a blessing in my life is all thanks to God, and whenever I am given a platform to do what I love with my God given talent I make sure I say “thank you” in some type of way to Him. When I was at Metro FM my show was called “The Divine Edge” – because it was by divine intervention and blessing that I got that opportunity and the “edge” well that was my edgy, sassy, crazy personality. Same thinking process with “The Weekend Favour”, the show is on the weekend and the “Favour” part is all thanks to God’s favour. I am so grateful and honoured to have this opportunity and one way I could show this was through the show’s name.”

Fans can tune into The Weekend Favour for Carol Ofori’s first show on Saturday, 4 May 2019 from 6am till 9am and follow Carol Ofori on social media to join her journey as Radio 2000’s new weekend breakfast-show host.

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