Last month, DJ Warras whose real name is Warrick Stock announced that he will be leaving Live Amp to focus on solidifying other aspects of his brand.

Last night Pearl Thusi, Loot Love and DJ Warras reunited one last time for Warras’ final show on LiveAmp.

“I get to go back “home” one last time to bid my @shady_lurker farewell!! Super stocked and can’t wait to do this with you friend. Don’t get emotional okay? 🤣❤ I’m definitely screaming “Take it easy and if it’s easy TAKE IT HOME!” With you!!! 😂🤣❤ @thisisliveamp!” – Loot Love tweeted.

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Speaking to DRUM Magazine, Warras said he runs two companies full time, so time is not in his favour. In the beginning he could shoot the whole week because it was all he did but not anymore. Whatever show he does now, needs to fit into the schedule that he’s planned in terms of his businesses.

“I do TV because I am passionate about it, it’s something that I’m talented doing and I would never stop doing it.” – Warras said in an interview.

Live Amp will be taking a break from 15 June 2018 and will make its return after the FIFA World Cup Russia with new personalities.

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