If you’ve been following social media you would have seen that various celebrities have been very busy over the past few weeks visiting schools across SA distributing school shoes. This is part of the #KrushGoodness project which will see to it that 20 000 school children in need across SA receive a brand new pair of school shoes for the school year ahead.

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So far over 18 000 pairs of school shoes have been distributed so far, with the remaining 2 000 to be distributed over the next few days. This week Lalla Hirayama and the #KrushGoodness Krew visited Intshayelelo Primary School and Mokone Primary School where 2000 school shoes were donated.

Lalla opens up about her experience and sharing goodness:

What drew you to participate in Clover Krush’s school shoe donation campaign?

I’m lucky to say that this is my second time being part of the Clover Krush Goodness Krew! It’s a real honour! In 2018 upon launching the project, Krush set out to show that adding a little bit of goodness every day has the power to change the world for the better. If we start our day with one good deed, it has the power to transform someone’s day, leading to them adding a bit of goodness to someone else’s day, and so the goodness spreads, ultimately inspiring a world of goodness. They say ‘the heart that gives, gathers’ and to be honest this is one of the most fulfilling things I’ve been given the opportunity to do.

What, for you, is the biggest importance of helping our communities and children in particular?

Children are our most valuable resources.  They are not things to be moulded but people to be unfolded. Many of our children are victims of injustice and aren’t able to fight for what should already be theirs. Love, education, food, clothing, warmth and educational resources as well as health resources are not always readily available. These are our future leaders and work force, what will become of our country will ultimately rest on them. It is all of our responsibility to help where we can to ensure they have what they need to grow into empathetic, intelligent and well-rounded adults, maximizing their potential. They are our flag bearers. As Madiba once said, ‘there is no keener revelation of a nation’s soul than the way it treats its children’

Being able to give school shoes to a child that has none can make a big impact on the way they feel about going to school and giving 100% in class. Self-esteem issues play a major role in how a child actively participates in class and sees school work. 

What is the one piece of advice you have for a young fan of yours?

Always remember, you are important, you are smart, and you are loved. Don’t worry what other kids say or think.

Do you remember any celebrities coming to your school when you were a child? 

I do remember Miss South Africa coming to school once. Honestly I didn’t understand what the fuss was all about! I wasn’t really phased by such things.

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