The gorgeous, sassy and vibrant Lerato Kganyago is one of the best radio and television personalities we have in South Africa. 

Lerato Kganyago, who recently left Live AMP, took to Twitter in a series of tweets to express how she feels about fake people in the industry.

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“I cringe when I see people that I KNOW for a fact don’t like me, act like they like me…I get hibbly jibblies when they get near me!

In our industry it’s so common and I battle with it. I don’t know how many times I’ve held my tongue in public to avoid “drama” – Lerato tweeted.

She went on to say “LOL my Gods always have my back. One said awful things about me while standing next to my manager, and obviously she wasn’t aware. So my manager told me, later she came to say HI, I couldn’t hold it back, I just said “YO, my manager overhead you talk about me, let’s not fake it (sic).”

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