The production company behind Mzansi Magic’s Our Perfect Wedding has teamed up with SABC3 for a new reality show called Married In A Flash.

ConnectTV and SABC 3 have come up with a new show Married in A Flash — a new reality wedding show where couples who have been in a long term relationship or who are engaged are given R75 000 to creatively plan and execute their wedding, however they only have 3 days to organise their special day.

Connect TV is a digital content and television production company owned by Basetsana Kumalo and Clifford Elk. The production company is responsible for hit shows on Mzansi Magic such as the aforementioned OPW as well as Date My Family, Diski Divas, Bootcamp, Utatakho and Please Step IN

For ‘Married In A Flash’, ConnectTV’s cameras will follow the couples from the day they are given the money, planning what they can and can’t afford, what they can achieve in a week, who will make the guest list and who will be chopped, delegating the to-do-list and finally the wedding day.

This is their wish come true but can they get it together long enough to make it down the aisle and be married in a flash.


Are you in a committed relationship or are you engaged…Would you get married in a flash if you were given R75 000?

If the answer is “Yes” and you would like to be part of the new show on SABC 3 contact the show at:

Email: [email protected]
Call: (010) 594 5127

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Era Baloyi is a Copywriter, Social Media Manager, Public Relations and Communications practitioner who is Co-Founder and CEO of Fame Africa TV. He's been with Fame Africa TV since 2014 and he's seen how the magazine grew. He focuses more on entertainment, music and movie reviews.

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32 Responses

  1. Shawn

    Hi me and my love of my life would really like to take part in married in a flash please how do I enter

    • khopotso mokhatla

      my partner and I have been together for12years we have 3kids together and are engaged a white wedding would be a dream come true….be our saver.


    I love the idea to help out with the wedding. And I hope I get to be part of the winners.

  3. Moddy Mundell

    I have been married to my husband for a year at the home affairs and having a white wedding would be out dream come true. If you select us we promise to make your show an exciting hilarious one

  4. Samantha Bedworth

    My fiancé an I have been in a relationship for more than 10yrs and have decided to get married so we would like to take part in this exciting show

  5. Thabang Matlala

    I have been with my partner for 10 years now, have a beautiful son by her and we have been planing to get married next year. Life’s struggles has hindered on our plans due to our immediate responsibilities.

  6. Vasti Daniels

    Hi I am entering my cousin and his fiance into this competition. They have been together for 15 years now and are struggling financially but would truly love to have their dream wedding.They have overcome so many obstacles and planning a wedding in 3 days would be a great challenge.

  7. Bianca

    Me and my partner have been together for almost 2years..(lesbian couple)..and I would like to suprice my partner in doing this for her..

  8. Amelia

    Hi there, I recently got engaged and would like to enter the show.

  9. Bianca Brits

    I’m engaged almost 2 year and I want to get married. We do not have the money to have a 1960 cowbow wedding. And I will be so glad if we can have the money for our wedding.

  10. Tsholofelo

    Hello,i’m engaged to the special man in my life and we would really like to get married. The problem is that my fiance is disabled,uses a wheelchair to get around and i had to leave my job in order to take care of him,so we have no finances to make the wedding of our dreams. I would really appreciate it if im chosen for the winning prize.

  11. Pumeza ngcalikazi nyaka

    Hi my partner and l would love to get married in a flash we have been dating and living together for 4yrs we have a 1yr 7months old boy we have an interesting story to tell on how we met we would love to be on the show.

  12. Junate

    Me and the love my life would like to take part on the show we a young couple and i really love this girl i really want to marry her

  13. Nkazimulo Mpanza

    Hi me and partner would like to be part of this exciting show, we have been dating for 6 years now and living together. She wants us to get married but we r struggling financially so pls help us it wil mean a lot!

  14. Mxolisi Mhlanga

    Me and my Fiancé have been engaged for 3 years now and I my contract was not renewed and my plan was to finish everything this year, when the song akanamali plays I think of myself and coz somewhere it says “ngizomthatha Ngo December” so the experience would be a lifeline for me, would really love to participate, we are a couple that was together during high school days, we separated when she went to varsity and 4 years ago we met at a club and we never looked back since.

  15. Itumeleng

    Me and my love have been together for over 13 years, married at home affairs and dreaming of our perfect wedding. We would love to take part in the show so we can have our perfect and dream day.

  16. Sinikiwe Ngwenya

    Hie I have been in a relationship with my partner for six years and we have overcome some challenges together. I would really appreciate it if I get such an opportunity to have our dream come true thank you.

  17. Sinikiwe Ngwenya

    Hie I have been in a relationship with my partner for six years and we have overcome some challenges together. I would really appreciate it if I get such an opportunity to have our dream come true thank you.

  18. fransien trompetter

    Hi me and my partner are busy planning our wedding but due to finance and me being the only one working we have to cut down on lots of things but anyway we love one another alot if it was up to us we would get married right a way God knows our hearts and we put our trust in him knowing that He will answer our Prayers We would really appreciate it if we can get this opportunity to have our perfect wedding day.

  19. Kwanele

    Hi, my partner and i have been in a relationship for over ten years , we have to beautiful sons and 1 daughter due to financial constraints we were unable to continue with our wedding plans as my fiancee lost his job..this would be a dream come true

  20. Masego

    Me and my better half have been together for 6 years and got ingaged in February 2017 after we have been trough so much heartache after losing our two babies as I had two terrible ectopic pargnancies in two years.
    But we still had each other after the two loses, and we got blessed again this year with a miracle baby girl that was born this year September the 4th.
    And before I even gave birth to our princess we went trough another challenge where I lost my job and my fiance had to take care of our family and the wedding plans all by himself and its really not easy at all as the wedding is supposed to take place in October the 28. And our financial situation is not allowing us to have the wedding we have been dreaming of

    It will be such a blessing and a dream come true if we get chosen to be part of the competition and the TV show.

    Priscilla M Mothelesi

  21. Jabu Dlamini

    Me and my partner have been together for 8 years and got ingaged in February 2015 broke-up get back together 2016 got engaged again and we have been trough a lot, we had two miscarriages together. but we manage to get through that even though it hard to forget. he paying lobola in 2 December 2017.

    We had our ups & downs as couple but we fight our demons and here we are today still going strong after all,

    Our financial situation and challenges we have between our families is not allowing us to have tour dream wedding we are dreaming of next year. Now I heard on of my co-worker talk about this wedding flash was thinking that all my problem are gone now. I can get married now if that opportunity comes..
    It will be such a dream come true if we get chosen to be part of the competition wedding show.

  22. Justin Simamane

    Justin Simamane me and my fiance of 4 years Hellen Kayira we had been planning before we had our beautiful baby girl (Lwandle Simamane) me and my fiance we started dating in 2011 and up to today and our families admires us so much. despite that she’s a Zambian national. i wish we would get a chance to see our dreams come true..times had been hard for us both and seeing our child grow up in this situation it killing my fiance so much.

  23. delphine

    Seeing this add two days ago has just made my fiancé and I overwhelmed for such an opportunity , we were set to get married 11 feb 2017 until devastating news “the dreadful x claims she’s pregnant with his baby “ my life fell apart that very moment and our wedding was cancelled 30days before we should say I do, we suffered a loss of R40 000 due to last minute cancellations as everything was already paid for I still have my material for my dress , my family was devastated we had months of difficulty picking up the pieces going to lawyers etc. to solve the mess until everything was sorted , we set to get married when our finances are back on track it seems forever and I doubt it will even be this year , please take this proposal as an entry for us as a couple we would love to be part of this show thank you

  24. Candice

    This would be a dream come,never had a white wedding before, long await…

  25. Pearl Gumbi

    My fiancee and I have been dating since 2006..we have a son…we both don’t have fancy jobs we work in retail in a cashier but we surviving..we would love for us to catch a break and be chosen for such a wonderful prize..
    To have a wedding with expenses paid for would be a dream..after all we have been have that special day.
    Sometimes it feels like good things only happen to those who are living the life as it is but not to us who are struggling

  26. minah nnani makena

    hi I have been with my high school sweetheart for more dan 10 years.we have 3 kids.this will be a dream come true. my fiance is the 1 working. so this will be awesome please select us please.

  27. Molefe

    My partner and I have been married for three years and we would like to have a white wedding to complete the process. We have three kids as well and it will be a perfect surprise for my wife should that event takes place. We are working Mahlabiso event which will take place on the 25th of November 2017. To welcome my wife into the family as they have done the same for me. I have managed to budget for that ceremony with an amount of R8000.00 because its a very small event with family members only. Please make it BIG for us. God bless the show to grow and make dreams come true.

  28. Thandy

    My fiance and I been together since 2012 got engaged 2014 we want to get married but we are financial unstable, this is a great opportunity for us our hope is here

  29. sarah malatji

    Write your comment here…hello guys I love your show very much and I watch it every day .I wish that one day it could be me and my partner we share four years together and we have been staying together since 2014 and we love ‘trust and support each other all the time and we don’t keep secrets we are onset with one another that is way we are still together even now and he always tell that he can’t wait to marry me only if god can help him and bless him with that money to finally make our dream come true.

  30. Prudence


    Me and my fiance have been together for 13 years with our 7year old son being a blessing and a bonus. Having a white wedding would be a dream come true for us but due to some financial set backs we are unable to have one. His having to work over time just so he can try and raise enough money to give me one of my heart’s desires which is to have a wedding and officially take me as his wife. Having to be chosen would mean the world to both us and our familys.

  31. Boitumelo

    Hi there..I’ve been with the love of my life for 13 years now,we’ve got 2 beautiful girls together..married in a flash will be our dream come true..thank you


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