A quick blitz on the grill to downright cremated – there’s no accounting for taste when it comes to how guests prefer their steak prepared. If the thought of prepping a steak meal suited to all preferences, at a dinner party terrifies you then just ask Come Dine With Me South Africa’s, episode 5 guests, as it seems no one got it just right on their night!

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Watch episode 5 on BBC Brit (DStv channel 120), Monday 8 April at 8PM, and witness the preparation skills of four carnivorous contestants from Johannesburg, as they come together to see whose hosting skills are a cut above the rest.

Repeats are on the following Wednesday at 9PM and Saturday at 7PM on BBC BRIT. 

Come Dine With Me South Africa has some ‘lessons learnt’ for those who want try their hand at serving steak.

  • When preparing meat for a large group of people, it’s usually best to go with a medium-rare option to please most.
  • However with a smaller, more manageable group, it’s probably best to check how your guests like their meat before serving – especially when there is a R10 000 prize at stake!
  • Know your different cuts of meat and what will work best with your planned menu.
  • Keep the meat at room temperature at least 30 minutes before cooking – if you take straight from the fridge or freezer it may confuse your cooking time.
  • Overcooking steak tends to make it tougher and less flavourful so essentially you are wasting money on more expensive cuts if you intend cooking the meat past medium.
  • Consider the time between cooking and serving – your meat will continue to cook even after you have taken it off the heat.
  • However, allowing the steak to ‘rest’ at room temperature before serving allows the meat to reabsorb any free running juices keeping it moist and tender.

COMING UP- EPISODE 6 ON MONDAY 15 APRIL AT 8PM ON BBC BRIT: Week 6 of Come Dine With Me South Africa and four Durban hopefuls step into battle to win the R10k cash prize. Witness Shantel, a rugby enthusiast with a penchant for relentless puns, go up against hotel chain manager Stuart, digital marketer Laureen and quirky art teacher Dorothy in this pun-a-minute riot – who will be the host with the most?

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Zita Zimande is a sports news journalist from the University of Johannesburg. Besides being a sports fanatic, she loves to cook during her spare time.

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