IMBEWU – After one year on-air and 260 episodes aired, South Africans experienced one of the greatest and authentic stories ever told on television. 

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IMBEWU is a daily drama on and delivered some of the most memorable moments since launching Monday, 16 April 2018.

Viewers witnessed the affection between Phakade and MaZulu,the power of the Queen manipulator MaNdlovu and the anger of the pastor’s wife, Ka Mandosela,which lead to an explosive secret reveal during a church service.

The biggest fight took place between KaMadonsela and MaZulu. KaMadonsela made her point physically and promised MaZulu death.

Maluju Oil’s head of security and the Bhengu’s go to man for fixing all that they want hidden, Phunyuka, did the worst expected as he accidentaly killed Nganono,Mazulu & Phakade’s first born son.

Another heart wrenching moment was witnessed when Zithulele who was the first out of all of his siblings to discover the truth about the Bhengu’s well kept secret.

IMBEWU is a story that has kept South Africa talking with two worlds intertwined by secrets, murder and betrayal. It is the greatest story we ever told on South African television and we would like you to relive some of those moments with us as more secrets are uncovered.

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