FATV: Who are you?

Wandile: I’m Wandile Mnyandu also known as Bboy Wanda or Asian Gould and I was born and bred in Durban. I’m a full time dancer and a part time blogger ([email protected]).

FATV: When did your journey begin?

Wandile: My journey began in 2008 while I was still in high school and I was a huge fan of Chris brown. I developed much interest in hip-hop because of him. I performed at school, the crowd loved me and then some guy saw me and decided to introduce me to break-dance. I fell in love with break-dance and that is why I’m proud to call myself Durban Bboy. Last year I also went to some auditions and a dance company called “Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre” was also looking for trainees and I made it through. Now I am a professional artist at Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre.

FATV: What motivates you daily?

Wandile: It’s funny because as human beings we all have dreams and we all want our dreams to come true. Waking up everyday and going to the studio motivates me. I meet young individuals like me who want to make their dream to come true as artists or dancers.

FATV: Who is your inspiration?

Wandile: Ok every body living their dream is my inspiration. I look at different people and take good qualities from them. People like Jaja Vankova (female Robot/krumper) Cyrus, Sbusiso Gasa who is my contemporary dance teacher and everybody who’s living their dream in South Africa are my inspiration. I also inspire myself hahah!

FATV: When and where is your next performance?

Wandile: From June 16 we’ve been busy performing publicly here in Durban. Our last performance was on the 11th of July in Durban North beach, for more information you can visit www.siwelasonke.com I’m also planning on starting bboy and hip-hop classes in my home town at Waterloo.

FATV: How can people engage/interact with you (social media platforms)?

Wandile: Follow me on Twitter @wandileswagg and my Facebook Fan page is Facebook.com/360swagg

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