Zandi Khumalo makes it clear: “l didn’t get any favours to be were l am”

Zandi Khumalo Kelly Khumalo’s sister

Zandi Khumalo, Kelly Khuamalo’s sister wants to make it clear to the people that she did not get any favours to get into the entertainment industry.

Khumalo, who recently inked an international distribution deal with Warner Music is putting the finishing touches to her debut album and told TshisaLIVE that it is the latest twist in a musical journey that started with her singing in the kitchen.

“I have always had a passion for music but I never pursued it. I would sing all the time, even while doing chores, and when I got married my husband kept telling me to think of going into music. I never took it seriously until one day I gave it a go and loved it.

Zandi has been married to former Mabala Noise communications boss and music promoter Mhlo Gumede since 2016.

Zandi Khumalo instagram

“People thought I was hiding but I was just waiting for the right time. I didn’t get any favours to get into the industry. I have always come from a musical background but none of my family pushed me to go into music. I didn’t even know my husband was involved in music when I met him.”

Zandi Khumalo will celebrate the release of the album on Valentine’s Day next month. She will also be performing at the Evening of Love music event in Johannesburg on the same day.

“I am honoured to be a part of the show. I always tell people that you never know how God can touch your life or how he can use you to help others. I believe through my music, and this event, that I can make a difference and I am excited to perform, Zandi said”

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Black Panther premieres in South Africa on Friday, 16th February 2018

Black Panther movie with John Kani

Before Avengers: Infinity War reaches cinemas, there’s one other major Marvel blockbuster ready to astound South African audiences and is Black Panther movie. The Black Panther is not even out yet, but has already broken pre-booking records.

The movie features veteran actor Dr. John Kani. According to reports, isiXhosa language has been adopted as the official language of Wakanda.

Kani, who plays King T’Chaka explained, “the director and I were challenged with coming up with ideal things to say to my son, in-line with the plot of the film. It had to be in the native language of ‘Wakanda’. I chose to say something isiXhosa in which the director and everyone on set loved; we need that, the director said.”

“In the movie I’m the original Black Panther and I’m tasked with nominating my successor,” he told Move Magazine. “I reunite with my son after not seeing him after some time.”

“Marvel studios adopted isiXhosa as the official language of “Wakanda.” Even when I filmed Civil War, I was the language expert and my American counterparts would say; give me something with a click, they were referring to isiXhosa. My son and I filmed in Atlanta together, I left and he stayed to continue filming. He took over as the language consultant,” he shares.

While Ava DuVernay may have passed on Black Panther, Marvel eventually found an astounding filmmaker to steer the project: Ryan Coogler. The 31-year-old first made headway after directing the Michael B. Jordan-starring Fruitvale Station, which itself was soon followed by Creed.

Black Panther premieres in South Africa on Friday, 16th February 2018 at cinemas nationwide.

Watch the trailer below:

Source: Independent


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Bonang was just having lunch, she didn’t buy a vineyard

Bonang was just having lunch, she didn’t buy a vineyard

Television personality, radio host and businesswoman Bonang Matheba has sparked rumours that she has purchased a vineyard . According to TshisaLIVE both Bonang Matheba and Rust en Vrede wine estate in Stellenbosch have denied speculation that the star purchased the farm this week, explaining that Queen B simply had lunch at the venue.

Queen B took to social media with one captioned: “I’ve always wanted a vineyard.” The confusing post led to “Bonang” and “Girls with Vineyards” trending on Twitter with the hashtag #GirlsWithVineyards.

….I’ve always wanted a vineyard.. 🌺🌞😎👌❤️….

A post shared by Bonang Matheba (@bonang_m) on

Celebrity Services Africa Communications Director, Davin Phillips, confirmed that Bonang has not purchased Rust en Vrede Wine Estate.

Bonang’s manager, Davin Phillips also laughed off the claim and said the star had never claimed to have purchased the property.

“Bonang hasn’t purchased Rust en Vrede. She was having lunch and working in the winelands yesterday. She was there for an upcoming venture that we will reveal in time,” Davin said.

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Bonang’s former makeup artist Muzi gets paid R25K

Muzi Zuma Bonang Matheba R25000

After over six months of waiting and being given the run-around, Bonang Matheba’s former make-up artist, Muzi Zuma’s prayers have been answered and he’s been paid the R25,000 that was owed to him.

After revealing earlier this week that Muzi Zuma was still waiting for payment from the Bonang Matheba, DNA Brand Architects owner Sylvester Chauke has come out and paid the makeup artist himself.

Speaking the TshisaLIVE, Chauke stated that Zuma “is trying to build and grow his business” and “as a fellow black entrepreneur” he hates “seeing [black people] having to struggle”.

“I have decided to settle Muzi’s outstanding cost. I have the utmost respect for Muzi and his work and through DNA, we have done some great work. With this back and forth, at the core, is a young man who is trying to build and grow his business and I thought it important to settle the matter on his behalf.

“Moreover, as a fellow black entrepreneur, I hate seeing us having to struggle to be remunerated for services that we render and ill-treat each other sometimes. This is not how we should do business. We should grow each other instead.”

Posting on Twitter, Zuma confirmed that he had received payment and is glad to “close a horrible door”.

Source: IOL

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Manzuza and Smangele’s funeral on Uzalo

Manzuza and Smangele’s funeral on Uzalo

Uzalo is set to air an hour-long TV special of the funeral service of popular characters Manzuza played by Leleti Khumalo and Smangele played by Sihle Ndaba on SABC1 on February 16, 2018.

The two characters were both recently killed and will soon get their on-screen send-off.

Drum Magazine got a sneak peak at the funeral pamphlet and the programme includes a collection of hymns for MaNzuza – No Tears in Heaven, Lord of All Being, and Day is Past and Gone. “The day is past and gone, the evening shades appear. O, may we all remember well – the night of death draws near.” The last hymn is read as both Smangele and MaNzuza are laid to rest.

According to Zalebs, the funeral was attended by the likes of Zodwa Wabantu alongside Ukhozi FM radio host Selby “Selbeyonce” Mkhize and Destruction Boyz member Zipho Mthembu & more.

See the images below:

Manzuza and Smangele's funeral on Uzalo Mxolisi

MaNzuza Uzalo

Smangele Uzalo

Uzalo funeral

Uzalo funerals

Image Courtesy: Drum


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Government paid Real Talk With Anele R500K to interview Bathabile Dlamini

Minister of Social Development Bathabile Dlamini on Real Talk with Anele

SABC 3’s talk show Real Talk With Anele has came under fire after a Daily Maverick article emerged that the public broadcaster received a R500 000 payment for controversial Social Development Minister Bathabile Dlamini to appear on the show.

The publication stated that the two-hour profile interview of the minister, which aired in December was part of a strategic PR plan for the minister, who made headlines last year.

The SABC and the minister’s office have since confirmed that the payment took place.

“The Department of Social Development (DSD) through GCIS buys space [in] the media for the sole purpose of marketing and advertising of the Minister of Social Development, the Department and its agencies. To date, through GCIS the Department has transferred more than R5 million to the SABC for this purpose.” – the article stated.

Lumka Oliphant, Minister Dlamini’s spokesperson, further pointed out that “to date, through GCIS the Department has transferred more than R5 million to the SABC for this purpose.

“The SABC would give us space across all its platforms on radio, TV and online media. They give us a schedule to agree and be available for. The SABC is a strategic partner for communication because it has the reach, the platforms and the languages. They have a dedicated sales team to get business from Government Departments. A standard practice in the media industry.”

The talk show host Anele came out to set the record straight that she personally did not receive any money. She took to Twitter saying she did not receive any money.

Anele Mdoda

“They can have it out. As long as they don’t insinuate that I took the money. My word. My poor name! Literally poor if I would be willing to throw it away for R500 000. Okay as long as that’s cleared up. I am good now,” she said.

Source: Daly Maverick



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Lasizwe Dambuza becomes The New Fanta Teen Marketing Director

Lasizwe Dambuza The New Fanta Teen Marketing Director

YouTube personality Lasizwe Dambuza has scored himself a new exciting deal. Besides his TV and radio gigs, the star has now bagged himself a deal with Fanta as their Teen Marketing Director.

Speaking to The Juice, the star said “I was shook. I was like oh my God, how can I be a director at 19? It’s crazy. I’m into making people laugh, being on TV and radio, now I have an office.”

As the teen Marketig Director for the brand the star is in charge of brainstorming “what’s cool and trending”. His job also entails coming up with “a good strategy to get teens off alcohol and drinking Fanta.”

The 19-year-old may have an office job now, but Lasizwe says he still plans on keeping things colourful. “In the office we don’t wear suits. Especially as director, they said I must wear a suit, I’m like I’m a teenager I can’t be wearing suits. I’m a director babe, but I’ll be wearing my sweatpants and my skinny jeans.”

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Mampintsha on what happened between Afrotainment and Big Nuz

Mandla Mampintsha Maphumulo Afrotainment and Big Nuz

Big Nuz member Mandla ‘Mampintsha’ Maphumulo ha clarified what happened between Afrotainment and Big Nuz in an interview on Gagasi FM. Mampintsha told the station that the group Big Nuz has no intentions of leaving the record label Afrotainment.

“Since Big Nuz was on Afrotainment from day one, we’ve never said we wanted to leave, even when I opened my own company (West Ink) I opened it because I wanted my own thing, because I had worked hard and had grown a lot it terms of experience. Secondly, I wanted to own my own thing, and to know that it’s mine, I didn’t want to look at Afrotainment as though it was mine.” Said Mampintsha.

The West Ink founder went on to explain that things became tense when he started to develop his own company.

Mampintsha further added “so, to be honest, the whole thing between Big Nuz leaving Afrotainment was because of my company, from the day I started having a company, things started not going well. Friendships started to become shaky. Even when I got Babes, I became someone who people gossiped about, even to this day I’m being gossiped about. So that’s the true story, no one said they wanted to leave, I never wanted to leave, I’ve never spoken about Tira or Afrotainment I just went to develop my own company. You’ll see that there was a time Big Nuz didn’t record for an entire year, so at that time I was busy developing my own artist (Babes Wodumo).”

“When Wololo became hot, he stopped focusing on other things, that’s when he stopped focusing on Big Nuz even more. Then he looked at what I was doing, then he started looking for dancers, he started looked for someone like Babes, like they started to try developing someone like Babes. So this thing of a new management I don’t know about it.” Said Mampintsha.

Maphumulo concluded by saying he has no problem with Afrotainment or DJ Tira, if Big Nuz wants to continue with Afrotainment.

Source: Zalebs

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Zodwa Wabantu on Uzalo behind the scenes

Vosho Zodwa Wabantu uzalo

This could mean one thing! Zodwa Wabantu might be paving her way to SABC 1’s popular drama Uzalo.

Zodwa has been hinting on social media about scoring an acting role. A week ago Zodwa Wabantu shared a post on Instagram saying that 2018 for her might be dedicated to Zodwa on TV screens, thanking her Boss DJ Tira.

“Owabantu no more swearing, 2018 to TV screens Acting more Drama, more being Zodwa Wabantu. Ngiyabonga Dj Tira” Zodwa said.

Speaking to ZAlebs, Zodwa Wabantu shared that she would be a guest actress on one of our favourite drama series’ but couldn’t tell the publication which one as yet.

“…I also received an acting offer, being a guest, but I can’t say which one, but it’s on SABC 1, the shooting starts on the 16th and 17th of January…its a big production…the latest one” she said

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Muzi Zuma: Bonang Matheba owes me R25000

Bonang owes me, says make-up artist Muzi Zuma

Celebrity make-up artist Muzi Zuma has accused Bonang Matheba of not honouring their contract.

Zuma has accused the TV presenter of owing R25000.

Speaking to Sowetan yesterday after taking to Twitter to out Matheba, Zuma said the 30-year-old star has been ignoring calls, e-mails and texts.

“I am not the kind of person that would go and bash someone like that but it is what it is. She hasn’t paid the contract that I had with her for work I did until July 5 last year.”

Muzi worked with Matheba on Mzansi Magic’s cooking show the KFC Taste Kitchen, doing her make-up for the show.

“I was told that she is only getting her KFC salary on September 30 and that I would get paid then. I waited until October and now my e-mails are being ignored.

“She responded to me through her personal e-mail saying she was also waiting for her salary. I called a lady who was working on the show and she told me the work was wrapped up in June and salaries have been paid.”

When contacted for comment, Matheba hung up and could not be reached after that.

Executive director of Matheba’s new management CSA, Davin Philips said: “Zuma’s claim is news to us as this expense has already been charged to Ms Matheba by her previous management company, who then should have paid Zuma .

“We have yet to be contacted by Zuma which we find surprising considering the claims being made on Twitter.”

This is what LOVE makes you do… ❤👑

A post shared by Muzi Cebolenkosi Zuma (@muzi_z) on

Source: SowetanLIVE

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