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Checklist of a successful bettor

Football is the most popular and widespread sport that gives raging energy not only to team members but also to all fans. Accordingly, betting on soccer matches is just as popular. Before making their first bets, most of the players read the tips and guide to football bets variations. This increases the success of the investment and the likelihood of winning.

Variation of bets from Parimatch

The bookmaker provides its users with the most diverse range of sports betting. Using the official Parimatch website or mobile app, players will be able to try their luck in the following betting formats:

  • Three-sided bets 1X2. This is the most commonly used betting option. In this case, 3 possible outcomes of the match are offered. If the participant believes that the home team will take the victory, then he bets on 1. If, in the player’s opinion, the away team wins, then the bet on 2. In case of a draw, indicate X when placing a bet.
  • Double chance (Double Chance). The terms of the rate are similar to the previous option. Only here do players have the right to choose 2 possible match results. If one of the selected options is correct, then the bet is considered to be a winning one.
  • Bet on total. This option is suitable for players who do not dare to declare the final winner. In this format, the bet is placed on the conventional units of the match (goals, corners, etc.).
  • More or less. The bookmaker establishes his estimated match results. The player, based on his analysis, decides whether there will be more or fewer units in the match.
  • Betting Perfect Goals. The point of this bet is to predict a certain number of goals scored. This is a rather difficult bet because it is not an easy task to accurately indicate the number of goals scored. This result depends on many factors and can change dramatically even at the very last minute of the match.
  • Handicap betting is also a difficult forecasting format. In this case, the final result receives either a conditional advantage or a lag in the account.
  • Bets on half time and / or match (HF – half time / FT – fool time). In this case, the player must predict the result both at the end of the first half and at the end of the entire game.
  • Even or odd. The purpose of this bet is to predict what the total number of the match statistics will be: even or odd. The overall score includes the total number of goals scored by both teams.

The listed bets are the main categories used by Parimatch participants.

Successful Player Rules

The first rule of a successful player is a properly selected and proven bookmaker. Since 1994, Parimatch has been in great demand among bettors. The team, thanks to its work experience, was able to create favorable and comfortable conditions for the players.

The second rule is information ownership and analysis. A knowledgeable player is always aware of the latest sports matches and their results. The user actively studies all the significant elements of the match to further evaluate the teams and players.

The third rule is a controlled budget. Knowing his financial capabilities and harmoniously distributing the budget, the player will not be left empty-handed and will not be sucked into a financial hole.

The fourth rule is a realistic approach. The player must understand that betting cannot do without failures. Permanent 100% winnings are not guaranteed to anyone. Participants should not give up after the first losing bet. In such a situation, the player only needs to analyze his possible mistakes and errors.

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